4 Ways to Avoid Rather than Reduce Facility Waste

Waste byproducts are the inevitable result of normal business operation. While disposing of that waste is a necessity, the better option is usually to prevent waste from accruing in the first place. Avoiding facility waste will lead to a healthier environment, and cut costs for your company.

One major way that many companies avoid waste is to go paperless. With technology like email and electronic databases, there is little need to keep paper records or send office memos. Going paperless saves on printing and its associated costs, declutters the office, and drastically reduces waste.

Another way to avoid waste is to purchase materials that are more durable and longer-lasting. This can be as simple as buying fluorescent or LED light bulbs instead of incandescent, or as major as buying a higher-end air handler or other piece of critical equipment. If your company does packaging and shipping, avoid using plastic and other nonbiodegradable packing materials. If possible, add recycling into your disposal process, which will at least ensure the waste you do produce does the least harm.

We at MaintenX believe in avoiding waste and being more environmentally conscious, and we are always at the ready to help your company be the same. Contact us any time for more information about the services we offer.