Facility Maintenance.
Curb to Roof. Coast to Coast.

MaintenX is a total facility maintenance company serving national multi-site retailers, restaurants and Fortune 500 companies across the country.


  • 40+ Years of experience
  • Licensed Technicians and Contractors
  • Safety is our Priority
  • Electronically dispatched Service Fleets
  • Software-based Work Management Systems
  • Dedicated Service Coordinators
  • Self Performing in Multiple States

24/7 Expert Facility Maintenance & Repair. Fast. Professional. Reliable.

MaintenX Services


Specialized Service Industries:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Lodging
  • Restaurants
  • and more


Extensive Self-Performing Facility Maintenance & Repair

MaintenX is one of the largest self-performing facility maintenance companies in the country. We are continually expanding the areas covered by our own technicians. Our goal at MaintenX is to self-perform as much work as possible for our customers.

This strategy not only reduces costs for our customers but gives us more control over the work order, technician and performance, improving quality and accountability. 



The Largest Subcontractor Network in the Industry!

Factors such as workload, geography, and necessary skill level determine whether it’s possible to self-perform 100% of our clients’ work or if we need to reach out to a trusted business partner.

Our wide network of national contractors allows us to provide unparalleled, quality coverage for all your facility maintenance needs throughout the United States. In order to maintain the same standards as for our self-performing technicians, selection of contractors is not based simply on price, but quality, reliability and service history, together with correct training and documentation.

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Driven By Technology

MaintenX guarantees you will be satisfied and that a licensed and certified service technician will be dispatched, on time, every time, to resolve any facility maintenance problem quickly and effectively.

We are able to fulfill thousands of monthly work orders utilizing our vendor management technology platform that enables us to effectively manage a vast network of service providers across all geographies and trades, while ensuring that these service providers provide quality service, cost-effective service for individual locations, assets, issues, and trades across an entire portfolio of locations.

All MaintenX service vehicles are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. This graphic navigation tool enables our technicians to more efficiently provide detailed scheduling, track customer maintenance, repair history and activity, record mileage and speed, waypoint messaging, ETA and even a 24-hour weather forecast.

It’s all part of our approach to sound business solutions that eliminate the “surprise factor.” Better customer service at the right time, when you need it, and within budget.