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The coronavirus pandemic has, in many ways, forever changed the business environment. It has put extra pressure on those who have been able to stay open to reinvent their business practices and put customer safety above all else. WHile it may have upended many brands, it has also created long-lasting positive change for employees and … Continue reading "Florida COVID Cases Are Rising — Here’s What Your Facility Can Do To Help"

When a facility manager hears the words “energy efficiency,” they think of two things: cost-savings and initial investment. It is true that most energy-efficient systems, whether they be HVAC units or solar panels, are more expensive than their traditional counterparts. However, the long-term cost analysis is favorable for those who make the switch.    These … Continue reading "Do Your Tenants Care About Energy-Efficiency? "

Creating A Sustainable Workplace 
Posted: September 14, 2020

Sustainability is a hot topic in the business world. As our country continues to battle COVID-19, we are taking a closer look at how businesses interact with the community, and how they impact the lives of individuals. A greater concern for public health — and in a broader scope, a concern for the health of … Continue reading "Creating A Sustainable Workplace "

Facilities management is equally a cultivated mindset as it is a set of practices and procedures. As the leader of your facility, you must set the tone for how your operations will be treated by employees. If you only focus on cutting corners, you’ll set your facility up for subpar work across the board. However, … Continue reading "Five Values That Lead To Facilities Management Success "

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