Our success as a company, as demonstrated through our customer’s satisfaction, is grounded in our Account Management philosophy and our laser-focused approach to work-order management.

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    Environmental consciousness is a big topic in today’s industries. Not only is this value an important part of our duty to the community, but in many ways, it can help businesses reduce their long-term facility costs. The less you use, the less you spend, which is why MaintenX encourages all of our clients to work … Continue reading "Can Your Plumbing be More Eco-Friendly?"

    At MaintenX, we encourage all of our clients to make preventative maintenance a priority. This type of maintenance schedule helps to extend the service life of certain equipment and reduce your maintenance costs over time. However, reactive maintenance also plays an important role in the maintenance and cost-reduction of services at your facility.    Preventative … Continue reading "Striking the Balance of Preventative vs Reactive Maintenance"

    In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we face an extremely rainy season every year. As the water heats up in the Gulf of Mexico, many tropical storms and hurricanes form that can batter our coastlines and hurt our local businesses. While rare, hurricanes can tear down trees, take the roofs off of commercial facilities, … Continue reading "Stay Safe During the 2021 Hurricane Season"

    On-the-job equipment failures are no joke. If your facility relies on a specific piece of equipment for daily operations, any emergency maintenance needed puts a stop to your productivity. At best, this leads to lost revenue and expensive repairs. Even worse, it could lead to a hit to your reputation and tainted customer relations that … Continue reading "Four Tips for Managing Equipment Failures"

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