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    ADA compliance is not only required for most business types, but ensures you create a welcoming space for everyone who walks through your doors. ADA compliance covers not only entrances and exits, but a great deal of your bathroom design and the subsequent plumbing installations required to fulfill them. Below are the general guidelines you … Continue reading "ADA Compliance for your Plumbing and Restrooms"

    MaintenX has become one of the largest and most reputable facility maintenance teams in the nation, in part because of our self-performing maintenance technicians. Unlike traditional facility maintenance teams who employ workers under the corporate belt, we hire subcontractors who independently perform HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing repair in 20 states across the U.S. This … Continue reading "What is a self-performing facility maintenance team?"

    Choosing a backup generator for your business is an important part of designing your electrical system as a whole. The right backup generator or UPS system can help your business weather a storm, citywide power outage, or another natural disaster. If your company provides essential services such as food access, shelter, or medical care, you … Continue reading "The Best Backup Generator Brands for your Business"

    Small businesses typically have two types of siding for their building – stucco and vinyl. Stucco is an aggregate substance applied smoothly to exterior walls to create a visually appealing and durable exterior, while vinyl is installed in boards to achieve the same purpose. While vinyl siding is more common in residential building because of … Continue reading "Stucco vs. Vinyl Siding – Which is Best for Your Business?"

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