Our success as a company, as demonstrated through our customer’s satisfaction, is grounded in our Account Management philosophy and our laser-focused approach to work-order management.

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    Improve efficiency, provide accountability to team members, and help you avoid distractions as you’re cleaning. Useful for both daily cleaning before opening and closing, and for annual deep cleans and maintenance service.  Below is your ultimate cleaning checklist for commercial kitchens and food service facilities:  Daily Wipe down walls of kitchen and buffets for splashes … Continue reading "The Ultimate Restaurant Cleaning Checklist"

    Most retail outlets are either small brick-and-mortar counterparts to a larger corporate chain, or are run by a sole proprietor who manages all operational needs of their boutique. While it may seem as though these two business models would have vastly different operational styles, they both have the same Achilles’ heel: communication breakdowns Whether you’re … Continue reading "Three Tips to Improve Retail Communications"

    As your business grows, so will your need for technology. Many smaller commercial buildings will inevitably run into problems keeping up with increased electrical demand. By adding more wall outlets, you can create a more functional office space, but there are several considerations to make before you begin the installation.  Below are three tips to … Continue reading "Installing Additional Outlets? Here’s What You Need To Know"

    Historic buildings are some of the trickiest sites for us to work on as commercial contractors. While we want to preserve the historic integrity of these buildings and keep them as true to their original form as possible, we also want the best in technology for our customers. Finding the right balance of modern technology … Continue reading "Why Choose Polymer Roofing for Historic Buildings?"

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