Our success as a company, as demonstrated through our customer’s satisfaction, is grounded in our Account Management philosophy and our laser-focused approach to work-order management.

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    It has been nearly two years since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. While major improvements have been made across the U.S. to curb the spread, new variants are taking form that makes it more difficult for scientists and government organizations to protect our citizens. Therefore, businesses are needed to help prevent the spread and … Continue reading "How Your Maintenance Team Can Respond To COVID Variants In 2022"

    Commercial HVAC systems are put under high stress throughout the year. Unlike the HVAC system in your home, commercial appliances must control areas independently and account for high-volume, high production rooms within your facility. A commercial kitchen, medical facility, or manufacturing site also requires additional ventilation to ensure safe indoor air quality for all guests … Continue reading "The Importance of Duct Cleaning For Your Facility"

    MaintenX is one of the nation’s top total facility repair companies. With over 40 years in business, we’ve built a reputation for excellence that stems from our contractors and their skilled technical work. However, it’s more than a job well done that makes MaintenX the top preventative and corrective repair team across the U.S. Our … Continue reading "Core MaintenX Values That Make Our Service Stand Out"

    3 Tips To Reduce Wrench Time
    Posted: January 06, 2022

    Wrench time, or the time it takes for a technician to complete a work order, is a critical metric to track in order to analyze the performance of your team. While wrench times do not necessarily need to decrease over time if the quality of work is above standard, it can help you identify either … Continue reading "3 Tips To Reduce Wrench Time"

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