Business Continuity Planning

When disaster strikes, both businesses and individuals need to have plans ready. Businesses, however, require specific plans to minimize loss of time, money, and resources. This “business continuity planning” is especially important in areas prone to natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes. MaintenX excels at helping businesses develop and implement these plans.

MaintenX is a nationally renowned facility management company; we thrive by covering all areas of facilities management. Whether equipment installation, servicing, or building maintenance, we help businesses large and small run optimally. One of the keys to our success is sending out our own technicians to the job site. You, the business owner or facilities manager, work directly with them; this creates a bespoke service experience. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of tasks.

MaintenX has over 30 years’ experience in the facilities maintenance industry. We bring not only the personnel, but also the experience to help your business perform at its best, come what may. To learn more about our business continuity planning or other services, please contact us anytime!