Commercial Facility Management

When it comes to commercial facility management, businesses across the country trust MaintenX for the best service around. In a field as broad as commercial facility management, you want a technician that will be able to perform a large variety of management tasks quickly and effectively, serving as a one-stop shop for your management needs. Keeping your business facilities running smoothly is not a task that should be left to just anyone. That’s where MaintenX comes in. We have you covered from curb to roof and coast to coast.

As one of the largest national facility maintenance and repair companies in the United States, we give our customers peace of mind knowing they will be working with local technicians who promise the best in service, safety, and speed. At MaintenX, we use our own technicians and have total control of the entire work order from acceptance to completion. Our self-performing technicians are fully trained and highly skilled in their area of expertise. This means there is never a question of quality, competence or accountability, no matter the job. Our skilled technicians provide quick and effective service to your business.

Not only do we self-perform our work orders, we also self-manage the process. Through our account management philosophy, we guarantee our customers’ approval each and every time. MaintenX’s laser-focused approach to management duties ensures we provide you with the highest level of customer service possible.

MaintenX has served retail stores, restaurants, offices and other business facilities with a wide array of commercial facility management services for more than 30 years. Whether your needs are narrowly-focused tasks for a small business, a broad oversight for a large facility or even multiple locations, MaintenX is here to help. The quick and precise work of our facility managers keeps our customers’ businesses running efficiently. The goal of our technicians is to provide results that exceed your expectations.

The best service and satisfaction— that’s what you will find at MaintenX. Our technicians keep businesses looking and working their best.