Commercial Janitorial Services Tampa

Proper commercial janitorial services leave your business looking spotless and can have a lasting impression on your clientele. That’s why Tampa trusts MaintenX for superior janitorial services. From glass cleaning and vacuuming to trash removal and everything in between, you can count on MaintenX to fulfill your janitorial needs quickly and efficiently. MaintenX has your facility covered from curb to roof.

Our Tampa-area maintenance technicians are fully trained and highly skilled to handle any janitorial services your facility may require. Using our own self-performing technicians allows us total control of the entire work order from acceptance to completion. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that there will never be a question of the quality, competence or accountability of the services provided. Each MaintenX technician is held to a high standard when performing janitorial work and is equipped with superior on-site problem-solving skills in order to handle any task required while providing you with the highest level of customer service. We pride ourselves on providing superior commercial janitorial services in Tampa.

MaintenX is a name that has been trusted nationwide for more than 30 years. We are one of the largest national facility maintenance and repair companies in the United States. Our reputation gives our customers peace of mind knowing they will be working with local technicians who promise the best in service, safety, and speed. We self-manage and self-perform our work orders with a laser focus on providing the best customer service at all times.

Safety is an important part of every job we perform, which is why each MaintenX technician receives ongoing training with a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction. We have served Tampa-area businesses including offices, retail stores, single and chain restaurants and other business facilities with a wide variety of commercial janitorial services, and would be delighted to serve your company as well. MaintenX keeps the greater Tampa area looking and working at its best.