How to Conduct an Energy Audit for Your Facility

Sustainability is a goal for many facility managers and business owners, and it involves minimizing energy use and ideally generating your own. This confers many benefits on a business, the primary one being lower utility costs. Due to the fact that there are different factors that play into sustainability, the first step to attaining it is to identify areas of improvement and develop plans to work on them.

Conducting an energy audit is the best way start the process. An energy audit takes note of all areas of the facility that use electricity, and determines how much power goes to each. Typically you find that certain parts use disproportionately more electricity than others; these are the areas you can cut back on.

While it is possible to perform an energy audit on your own, it is a tedious process that requires expertise to gauge and read accurately. Most local electric companies offer energy audits as part of their services, but it is generally advisable to shop around for a more affordable option.

MaintenX can help you not only perform an energy audit, but also develop and execute a plan to make your facility more sustainable. For more information, please feel free to contact us any time.