Create Better Airflow in Your Facility with these 3 Changes

The summer months are fast approaching. For many states, this means sweltering heat for long periods of the day, but making airflow improvements will keep that heat out where it belongs. By analyzing your current warehouse conditions, maintenance technicians can improve airflow by directing it efficiently, replacing outdated filters, and improving HVAC ventilation systems. Don’t allow your facility and workers to suffer from excruciating heat this summer!

Creating Better Conditions by Directing Airflow

Creating better working conditions can be made easy by simply directing airflow in the most effective way possible. Facilities can see drastic changes in overall temperatures, and comfort, by installing fans in spaces where the air is stagnant. With the help of MaintenX, numerous facilities have improved building conditions in this way. Facilities from all around the country can benefit from directing airflow to keep the upcoming temperatures from affecting working conditions. As a bonus, this strategy works even if your air conditioning system goes down!

Improving Airflow with New Filters

One overlooked aspect of improving facility airflow is regularly replacing used filters. As dust, dirt, and other debris accumulate in the filters of the air conditioning system, airflow dramatically decreases. This reduces circulation and cleanliness, but thankfully switching air filters out for new ones is a simple task. MaintenX technicians specialize in air conditioning services to guarantee facilities operate in the best possible conditions.

Ventilation Systems for Better Airflow

If your facility has installed industrial fans and replaced dirty air filters, but remains stagnant, the only option left is to install new ventilation systems. Doing so allows warm air to exit the facility and keeps cool air flowing throughout the building. MaintenX technicians can assess your facility’s current ventilation system and design new ways to improve airflow. Facilities with better airflow can use climate control more efficiently, so you’ll even save on electrical costs.

The hottest days of the year are approaching, so it’s crucial to optimize your facility’s airflow. The changes above will improve airflow as well as HVAC efficiency, and save your business money. To learn more about MaintenX ‘s services, go to!