Cutting Your Maintenance Budget Without Cutting Quality

Budgets are a constant point of concern for business owners and facility managers. Thankfully, maintenance budgets are frequently bloated by inefficiency, and can be cut without lowering product quality. How? Through better planning, execution, and equipment choices.

One of the largest expenses in a maintenance budget, and one for which all facility managers must plan, is emergency repairs on broken equipment. Replacement equipment is costly, and since repairs must be immediate, labor becomes more expensive as well. In addition, unexpected failures cause downtime and can even injure your workers. To reduce and potentially eliminate this cost, it is best to establish a preventative maintenance plan that can catch problems before they become catastrophic and perform small, affordable fixes rather than large, expensive ones.

Another way to cut down on a maintenance budget is to purchase equipment and systems that are designed to last longer. Though more durable equipment requires higher initial capital outlay, it pays for itself through decreased maintenance costs. Even small items like environmentally friendly lightbulbs go a long way to achieving this goal and mitigating maintenance expenses.

MaintenX is expert in all areas of facility maintenance and we can certainly help you establish affordable practices that will enhance your facility. To learn more about our services and how we can serve you, please contact us anytime.