Emergency Damage Assessment

Recovering from a disaster can be costly for a business in both time and money. If you ever find yourself in that situation, call MaintenX first. Our technicians will perform an Emergency Damage Assessment and work with you to draw up a unique recovery plan. We can help make your transition to normal function as smooth and painless as possible.

Some damage from disaster events isn’t evident right away, and those latent vulnerabilities can become larger problems if unattended. MaintenX’s Emergency Damage Assessments are comprehensive and meticulous, giving you peace of mind as you resume full operation. Once the damage is identified, we can recommend and execute fixes.

MaintenX is known nationwide as a leader in the facility management and maintenance field. We dispatch our own teams of self-performing technicians to the worksite, meaning that you interact with us without intermediaries. All our technicians are well equipped and highly trained, with the best technology and problem-solving skills necessary to see the job through. MaintenX has you covered, curb to roof and coast to coast.

In more than 30 years in the field of facility maintenance, MaintenX has helped businesses of all sizes through myriad disasters and emergencies. We are there for your business through the assessment, planning, and repair/recovery phases. Our comprehensive approach gives you stability, and our credentials give you confidence. For more information about this and other services, please contact us any time.