Emergency Repair Services in Tampa, Florida

Facilities management emergencies can arise, even with the best preparation. When they do, it is best to have a team ready to perform the repairs necessary to get the facility back to normal. When facility emergencies strike in Tampa, Florida, whether from natural or mechanical causes, business owners and facility managers turn to MaintenX for assistance.

At MaintenX, we have been in the field of facility management and maintenance for more than 30 years, so we’ve dealt with every type of mishap. When you need assistance, we send our own self-performing technicians to your worksite to accomplish the task to your exact specifications. Our self-managing work orders streamline the service experience. With an emphasis on safety, and equipped with the best tools and problem-solving skills, our technicians can handle any job.

Our emergency repair services include fixing building exteriors, water and electrical systems, HVAC units, and much more. We work with speed and efficiency because we understand that continuity is paramount and downtime is expensive; your business shouldn’t stop when parts of the facility or its equipment fail.

To learn more about the exact services we offer and how you can work with us today, please feel free to contact us anytime.