Energy Assessment

Because electricity is critical to business function, monitoring power usage is critical to maximizing efficiency. Business owners and facility managers must be aware of how much energy their facility uses, and in what ways, before they can optimize. A MaintenX Energy Assessment does just that: comprehensively catalog and analyze your electrical use. Afterwards, MaintenX can help you act on that information by designing and implementing a personalized power optimization plan.

MaintenX has been involved with facility management and maintenance for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve determined that the best way to complete maintenance projects is to send our own self-performing technicians to the work site. This model, coupled with self-managing work orders, places the project’s direction with the business owner or facility manager. All our technicians receive excellent training that includes problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which allow them to respond in the face of unexpected developments.

An energy assessment can go a long way to helping your facility run more cheaply and sustainably. We can also assist in any renovations or equipment maintenance and installation to help your facility be as energy-efficient, and cost-effective, as possible. To learn more about this and other services, please contact us at any time.