Facility Condition Assessments

Regular maintenance helps catch small problems and prevents them from ballooning into larger ones. When disaster strikes, proper maintenance lets business owners and facility managers feel confident in the state of their facility and its equipment. To that end, MaintenX offers facility condition assessments: quantifications of condition to reveal necessary renovations or fixes. We inspect all parts of the facility, including equipment, structures, materials, and more to create a comprehensive and precise integrity report. Afterwards, we can advise you on action items, setting improvement priorities, and crisis planning.

MaintenX is one of the largest and most renowned facility maintenance companies in the country, with more than 30 years’ industry experience. Our success is due in part to our business model: employing highly-trained in-house technicians equipped with the necessary tools to see any project to completion. This, combined with our self-managing work orders, means that we work with our customers directly, without intermediaries. A close working relationship makes for faster and more efficient fulfillment of your goals.

MaintenX is determined to help your facility run optimally, and it all starts with a facility condition assessment. To learn more about this and other services, please contact us at any time.