Facility Management Mistakes That Could Cost You Money

Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve made a mistake until it’s way too late to correct, and you’ve already lost time and money. Facility management (FM) is an area of business that has become a nightmare for some people, but with a little planning and insight into some common mistakes you can alleviate much of the stress. One of the most common ways to handle facility management is to outsource it. Let’s look at four mistakes that arise when outsourcing your FM process.

Giving Up Too Much Control
When you outsource your FM, you reduce the ability to control the process. Your contracted team, who are not your employees, will determine the best management process based on their own interests. It is vital to establish ground rules and expectations prior to entering into any contractual agreement.

Slow Change
When your FM is handled by an outsourced team, they can be very slow to change when you provide feedback. Contractors can give their own input and advice into the changes you want to implement. Ensure that you have a clause in your contract to protect you as the final decision maker on facilities and process changes.

Mistaking Low Price for Good Value
Because business are profit-driven entities, it can be easy to fall into the trap of selecting the lowest bidder. There’s something to be said for the phrase “you get what you pay for.” When reviewing bids for your outsourced FM, make sure you compare pricing alongside service offerings; compare apples to apples so you can make an informed decision. Sometimes, that lower cost comes along with fewer service options or lower quality.

Not Having an Escape Plan
What do you do if you are unhappy with your contractor but are contractually obligated to them? Unfortunately, if you haven’t written in terms for termination, you must live with it until the contract ends. You need to protect yourself and ensure the contract has terms for separation if a list of preset expectations isn’t met.

When considering outsourcing your facilities maintenance, do not rush. Do your research and interview multiple candidates to find someone who can be a partner rather than just another contract. MaintenX has provided high-quality FM services to companies of all sizes for more than 35 years. To learn more, visit MaintenX.com.