General Contractor Services

Self-Performing in the State of Florida. Curb to Roof. Coast to Coast.

From simple repairs to make your office more comfortable and functional for your customers to a complete remodel/expansion project to increase square footage, the MaintenX General Contractor and Repairs team is ready to help.

A few of our recent building and management projects include:

  • New ground-up commercial construction buildings
  • Large and small tenant improvement projects
  • Clean Room and Life Science building repairs and remodels
  • Complete Fire, Water, and Storm Damage restoration projects
  • Preventative maintenance plans tailored to your site or business

And, our self-performing business model means not only shorter project timelines, but lower construction costs for you, too.

General contractor services when you need them. No general contractor project is to large or small for our team of construction experts.

The MaintenX team is ready to deliver superior general contractor services for your next project or emergency.

In case you’re not familiar with the term yet, a self-performing contractor performs most of the work with its own employees instead of subcontractors.

For example, in the case of a building addition, instead of hiring a

  • Concrete subcontractor for the slab work
  • Framing contractor for interior and exterior walls
  • Siding subcontractor to install the cement plank siding

And dealing with potential schedule delays and higher prices, the highly skilled MaintenX team members self perform various aspects of the subcontractor work in the state of Florida.

The self-performance general contractor model provides two distinct benefits for customers and businesses like you.

Since MaintenX is a self-performing general contractor, our project schedules aren’t impacted when a subcontractor overbooks themselves and can’t get to your project for a few days to few weeks. Instead of being at the mercy of the subcontractor’s schedule, MaintenX can schedule our teams as the project schedule dictates. The result is shorter project timelines for your next construction project.

  1. Over the years we have built a substantial building materials vendor network to support our national clients. And our volume purchasing power means that the prices we pay are typically lower than what most subcontractors pay for the exact same materials. The result is lower building material costs for remodel, and preventative maintenance projects.
  2. A major part of maintenance and facility management is work order processing. When a staff member identifies a need or completes a maintenance task, they must be able to effectively communicate that to the rest of the facility. If they are unable to do so, your preventative maintenance strategies will not work. Services may be completed and not logged; other service requests go unfulfilled; equipment and supplies orders are not made on time; your entire maintenance program goes awry with this system.
  3. Preventing this system of disorder will go a long way toward creating an effective maintenance strategy for your essential systems. It should cover every step, from the submission of a work order request to follow-up upon the completion of each service. When you implement an organized system, the entire facility runs more smoothly. Here are a few tips to get this process right:

And who doesn’t want to save time and money on their next construction project?

General Contractor Services

MaintenX general contractor services can be broken down into five different  categories, depending on your specific building or project needs

  • Construction – includes remodel, or restoration work for your business needs. Whether your project is adding a few offices, some extra warehouse square footage, you can count on MaintenX to make that project a complete success while saving you time and money every step of the way.
  • Interior Building Repairs – depending on your customer traffic, every building interior will need repair at some point in time. Our interior specialists are ready to keep your business location operating at peak performance for your customers or clients by providing the following interior services.
  1. Selective demo
  2. Framing
  3. Insulation
  4. Drywall
  5. Cabinets
  6. Ceilings
  7. Painting
  8. Doors and windows
  9. Trim and hardware
  • Exterior Building Repairs – are just as important as the building interior because they provide the curb-appeal to get drive-by customers in the front door. Whether your business needs some minor exterior building services or a complete parking lot renovation, the MaintenX team is just a phone call away for all your exterior building repair needs.
  1. Pressure washing
  2. Parking lot striping and reseal
  3. Asphalt/concrete overlays and patches
  4. All ADA compliance requirements including ramps, rails, and signage
  5. Selective demo
  6. Curbing
  7. Stucco and exterior siding
  8. Painting
  9. Doors and windows
  10. Car Strikes as a temporary fix
  • Preventative and scheduled building maintenance – can keep the building systems working at peak efficiency to keep you and your customers comfortable, no matter the season or the weather. Regular maintenance chores can include
  1. Changing filters, belts, or hoses
  2. Cleaning and lubrication per mechanical equipment guidelines
  3. Systems and sensor testing
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery – the time to plan for future emergencies is now. Between the frequent extreme weather episodes and natural disasters, every business should put an emergency preparedness plan in place before its needed. The MaintenX Disaster team can help you create an emergency plan to provide maximum protection your business and contents, as well as help you get the doors re-opened as soon as the danger has passed. (I think this would be a great place to include a link to the hurricane Ian blog post.)
  1. Pre-storm barricades and board-ups
  2. Post-storm un-boarding service
  3. Emergency backup generators, repairs, and refueling service
  4. Water damage clean-up and repairs
  5. Fire and smoke damage
  6. Storm damage and natural disaster cleanup

Over our 40-year history, hundreds of Fortune 500 companies across the commercial, retail, restaurant, and healthcare industries have come to trust MaintenX with all their general contractor services.

In case you haven’t worked with a general contractor for you building repairs or facilities management services before, here are the four most frequently asked questions about general contractor services.

  1. What are the 3 types of contractors?

There are two ways to answer this question, by the issued license or the type of work performed.

State-issued license contractor licenses fall into one the following categories:

General contractor (building)– allowed to erect buildings and structures

General contractor (civil) – for roadways, tunnels, and bridges

Subcontractor – allowed to perform a specialized trade such as roofing, framing, or drywall.

Many general contractors label themselves by the type of projects they work on:

Residential general contractor– this general contractor builds house, condos, townhomes, and apartments.

Commercial general contractor– this general contractor builds commercial buildings such as hotels, retail, food service, healthcare, and educational centers.

Civil general contractor – for roadways, tunnels, and bridge projects.

  1. What skills does a general contractor have?

The required trade skills vary depending on the type of construction project. But besides the required construction experience for licensure, a good general contractor should have effective organizational skills to keep the project moving forward while handling any logistics or supply issues that might occur. And top-notch communication skills to keep everyone on the same page and the same schedule via phone, email, and SMS.

  1. What is commercial construction?

In a nutshell, any building that is non-residential, is classified as commercial construction. While the building techniques and products are very similar, commercial spaces must meet emergency and ADA compliance standards for the general public’s safety. As a result, many general contractors choose to specialize in either residential or commercial projects.

  1. What is a self-performing general contractor?

Typically, a general contractor provides the supervision and oversight necessary to keep all the subcontractors on schedule. In this scenario, most of the construction work is completed by subcontractors, around their schedules.

MaintenX is a self-performing general contractor, meaning that our team members perform most of the construction work, not an army of subcontractors with erratic schedules. Besides a shorter project timeline, the self-performing general contractor model, combined with our nationwide supplier network, reduces material costs and markups to lower your construction or remodel costs.

Contact the MaintenX Team today to save time and money or your next construction project, facilities management needs, or to create a custom emergency response plan for your company. Call Today!