Hurricane Damage Repair Services in Tampa, Florida

During the past year many businesses and facilities were affected by major hurricanes, resulting in damage and delays. Dealing with any hurricane is no simple task, and sometimes the damage the storms cause requires immediate response and maintenance. When hurricanes strike in Florida, Tampa businesses trust MaintenX to protect and rebuild.

At MaintenX, we believe in letting the client dictate what needs to be done, which our self-managing work orders make possible. Once we understand the task at hand, we dispatch our own technicians to the worksite to complete the job quickly and effectively. This means you work with the same technician from beginning to end; there’s never a middleman. Each member of our staff is equipped with cutting-edge tools, advanced problem-solving skills and puts a strong emphasis on safety.

Hurricane damage can come from high winds, flooding, and flying debris around a facility. MaintenX has helped area businesses of all sizes weather these storms for more than 30 years, so we know how to make the necessary facility or landscaping repairs to help your business return to normal operation.

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