Is Greenwashing Destroying the Environment?

It’s popular to be a ‘green’ company, however being green isn’t always easy. That’s why it is important for consumers to be aware of greenwashing, or when a company provides false or misleading information to seem more environmentally conscious than they really are. These claims are unethical and can also create more harm on the environment.

When a company engages in greenwashing, it is purposefully trying to appear more environmentally friendly than it is. For example, if a hotel chain claims to be “green” because it allows guests to reuse sheets and towels, but does not work to conserve water through better appliances or widespread corporate practices, it could be considered greenwashing. The same could be said for grocery stores that allow shoppers to reuse bags, while at the same time still engaging in environmentally unsound practices. These are marketing tactics, not eco-friendly actions.

How can greenwashing harm the environment? If consumers believe in the false practices of a company, they may choose to purchase and support that company, thus perpetuating non-sustainable business. This allows companies to continue with such practices. To combat this, it is important that consumers do research before buying into the “green” labels that companies present. By being aware and informed, consumers can support companies that align with their environmental beliefs.

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