Janitorial Services

Cleanliness is a prerequisite for well-run facilities. A pristine storefront attracts customers and helps them feel comfortable inside, which increases the likelihood that they will return. A tidy facility helps keep equipment in working order for as long as possible, while protecting workspaces from pests and bacteria. When it comes to help keep facilities clean, businesses across the country trust MaintenX to do the job right.

Our janitorial services are both broad and deep. We clean a facility from curb to roof, including machinery, equipment, plumbing, and HVAC. Our janitors double as handymen, alert to wear and breakage and equipped to address it. Though they are highly trained in diverse aspects of facility and equipment maintenance, what sets them apart is their versatility. All our professionals are elite problems solvers who adapt to any unexpected challenge.

MaintenX has been in the facility management industry for over 30 years, and our performance has earned us national renown. Part of our success stems from dispatching our own self-performing technicians to the job site. The business or facility manager gets to work directly with the project team, ensuring that all goals are accomplished as efficiently and effectively as possible.

MaintenX will flawlessly clean your commercial facility, then maintain it regularly so that dirt and grime don’t build up. If you want janitorial professionals that show up with both mops and minds ready, please contact us anytime!