Lighting Maintenance Tips for Your Building

Lighting is one of the most important elements in your business environment. Exterior lighting creates safety and interior lighting creates both mood and safety. Maintaining your lighting needs to a frequent part of your operational routine.

Let’s start with the light bulbs themselves. Everyone thinks of fixtures, but when was the last time you thought to clean your light bulbs? This is often an overlooked area of cleaning, yet it does help maintain the integrity of the bulb. Furthermore, you should create a replacement schedule rather than simply changing a bulb on demand as one breaks. Pay attention to the packaging. Light bulbs are rated for peak hours of usage, and can lose over a third of their original brightness before burning out completely.

When it is time to replace bulbs, you should consider an upgrade to LED bulbs. They last longer than any other light source, while using dramatically less power. In addition to upgrading bulbs, consider upgrading fixtures altogether. The energy savings could be well worth the initial cost.

For outdoor lighting specifically, it is important to clean the glass or plastic coverings around the bulb. Dirt and dust are attracted to the light and cling to the outer covering. Over time, the buildup can have a dramatic effect on the brightness the bulb can radiate. This can create the effect of a dimly lit parking lot, even though the bulb isn’t the problem. If you are hiring a professional to replace pole lamps, ensure they clean the bulb covers or you will waste your money in unnecessary bulb replacement.

Clean and well-maintained lighting is a direct reflection of your business to customers and employees. Make sure that you represent your business in the best light possible. For more information regarding lighting services and options, go to