Maintenance Subcontractors in Tampa, Florida

Many businesses seek out third party help on facility maintenance projects. That could mean bringing in professionals to install new equipment, repair existing infrastructure, or perform a preventative inspection. No matter the situation, businesses in Tampa, Florida trust MaintenX for all their facility maintenance needs.

What separates MaintenX from other companies in the industry is our use of self-performing technicians instead of subcontractors. While contractors often slow down and complicate the maintenance project, our technicians can complete any job efficiently and with greater attention to what you, as a business owner or manager, want. Our self-managing work orders also aim to streamline the process so that all your specifications are met.

When you are looking for a facility maintenance company, you want one that will be able to handle any task, including installations, inspections and repairs. You also want a company that has a focus on safety and adheres to all safety protocols. MaintenX meets or exceeds these criteria. Over the course of 35 years in the facility maintenance industry, we’ve earned our excellent reputation through quality and ease of interaction.

To learn more about the exact services that we offer and how we can best serve your Tampa, Florida business, please contact us anytime.