MaintenX Bradenton

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Phone Number: 855-751-0075

Address: MaintenX International, 2202 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33607


Facility Maintenance Experts

When businesses in the Bradenton area are in need of maintenance, their owners know who to call. MaintenX provides the best facility maintenance experts around. We provide expertly trained and high-skilled technicians to handle the many needs required in a field as all-encompassing as facility management. We both self-perform and self-manage facility maintenance for our clients. Rather than having to deal with multiple different vendors for each aspect of your company’s upkeep, we streamline the process through our account management philosophy. Our laser focused approach to work-order management keeps our technicians working efficiently and keeps our customers satisfied. In addition, our clients receive a level of comfort knowing that just one call to MaintenX will solve any of their facility maintenance problems.  

Disaster Response

Our Bradenton-area specialists are not only trained in facility maintenance, but also in disaster response. Our experts are equipped to take care of crisis conditions, guaranteeing that MaintenX can quickly and adequately serve your company in its time of need. Disasters can pop up at any time, and when a natural or man-made crisis strikes, you need the right experts to get you back on track. Our disaster response specialists will repair water damage from flooding, restore areas damaged by fire and assist with storm demolition clean-up endeavors. MaintenX has spent decades helping businesses recover from all kinds of emergencies and disasters.


Why Choose Us?

MaintenX’s laser-focus on providing top quality maintenance work keeps its Bradenton-area customers coming back time and time again. Not only does MaintenX provide quality work, it emphasizes a culture of safety among every technician. Each MaintenX maintenance expert receives constant training with a strong concentration in both safety and customer service. Our facility maintenance technicians pride themselves on constantly giving you the best maintenance and repair services around.


MaintenX has served Bradenton-area restaurants, offices, workplaces and retail locations with a wide mix of maintenance and repair duties. MaintenX facility maintenance specialists give business owners the best results for their maintenance needs. We keep the Bradenton area running at peak efficiency.