MaintenX St. Petersburg

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Phone Number: 855-751-0075

Address: MaintenX International, 2202 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33607


Facility Maintenance Experts

The arts are alive and well in St. Petersburg, but so is business and industry. When local business owners are in need of maintenance, they know who to call. MaintenX provides the best facility maintenance experts around. We provide expertly trained and high-skilled technicians to handle the many needs required in a field as all-encompassing as facility management. We both self-perform and self-manage facility maintenance for our clients. Rather than having to deal with multiple different vendors for each aspect of your company’s upkeep, we streamline the process through our account management philosophy. Our laser-focused approach to work-order management keeps our technicians working efficiently and keeps our customers satisfied. In addition, our clients receive a level of comfort knowing that just one call to MaintenX will solve any of their facility maintenance problems.  


Disaster Response

Our St. Petersburg maintenance experts are profoundly skilled in both facility maintenance and disaster response. Living in Florida, businesses are no stranger to the destruction that can happen in the wake of a heavy storm. Whether it is a seasonal hurricane or a stormy day, the negative effects of bad weather are apparent to facility managers. Flood waters, leaking ceilings, unsealed doorways, and other mishaps can cause many problems for businesses. When disaster strikes, it is important to have a team of experts to serve as first responders to any damage your business or facility has suffered. MaintenX experts and specialists are well-versed in a variety of disaster relief and repairs, ensuring we can provide the appropriate response to your particular emergency quickly. Our disaster response services include repairing water damage from flooding, restoring any areas ruined by fire or smoke, or assisting with storm clean-up efforts. No matter the disaster, MaintenX is here to help get St. Petersburg businesses back up and running. MaintenX has helped all kinds of companies recover from crises and natural disasters.


Why Choose Us?

MaintenX makes facility maintenance for your business easy. MaintenX gives our customers peace of mind knowing they will be working with local technicians who promise the best in service, safety and speed when executing total facility maintenance duties. As one of the largest national facility maintenance and repair companies in the country, we use our own technicians and self-manage the entire work order from acceptance to completion. This ensures there is never a question of performance, consistency and accountability. Each MaintenX maintenance technician is equipped with superior on-site problem solving skills to provide the highest level of customer service when performing complete facility management for businesses. We also provide our technicians with the technology, tools and resources necessary to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on providing the best maintenance and management services possible.