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Phone Number: 855-751-0075

Address: MaintenX International, 2202 N. Howard Ave., Tampa, FL 33607


Facility Maintenance Experts

As the capital, Tallahassee is prime real estate for many different commercial and industrial facilities. Like any center of business, each facility in the area must undergo regular maintenance to ensure that all processes are running smoothly, equipment is working properly, and the building is sitting safely. Tallahassee business owners trust MaintenX for all of their facility maintenance needs. MaintenX technicians are the finest facility maintenance experts in the greater Tallahassee area, and give local business owners the level of customer service they deserve. In a field as all-encompassing as facility maintenance, your business needs an expert that can efficiently complete tasks to keep your business running smoothly. So, whether your repair needs are electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or you are simply in need of a licensed contractor, you can rely on MaintenX to solve your maintenance needs promptly and professionally. MaintenX has Tallahassee businesses covered from curb to roof.  


Disaster Response

Our Tallahassee-area maintenance technicians are highly skilled in facility maintenance and disaster response efforts. Our experts are well-trained in dealing with emergency situations, ensuring that MaintenX can rapidly and sufficiently serve your organization in its most critical moments. In an area like Tallahassee, natural or man-made disasters can happen in a moment’s notice, and when a crisis strikes, you want the right experts to get you back on track. Our disaster response experts can deal with your emergency conditions, from tending to water and fire damage to helping with post-storm clean-up. MaintenX has helped many companies recover from a wide assortment of emergencies and disasters for decades. If disaster strikes, be sure you have MaintenX on your team.  


Why Choose Us?

With MaintenX, complete facility management for your business is easy. We provide efficient repair services for facilities and businesses of all kinds and provide the best in service, safety and speed. MaintenX’s laser-focus on providing the best quality maintenance work in Tallahassee keeps customers returning time and time again for their maintenance needs. Not only does MaintenX deliver quality work, they also cultivate a culture of safety through every maintenance expert. Each MaintenX technician receives heavy training with a solid focus on both safety and customer service. Our facility maintenance experts pride themselves on always giving you the best maintenance and repair services around, all while maintaining a safe work environment.


MaintenX has served Tallahassee restaurants, office spaces, retail stores and business workplaces with a wide mix of maintenance and repair commitments. MaintenX facility maintenance experts constantly give business owners the best outcomes for their maintenance needs. We keep the Tallahassee area running smoothly.