Property Management

Property owners trust MaintenX to handle all of their property management services. The proper maintenance and upkeep of a facility or business are vital for a company’s everyday operations. Whether you need preventative maintenance, electrical and plumbing work or air conditioning repairs, MaintenX has you covered from roof to curb and coast to coast.

MaintenX is a name trusted nationwide for facilities management and is one of the largest national facility maintenance and repair companies in the United States. We are committed to ensuring the best in service, safety, and speed. MaintenX provides qualified technicians to handle the many needs required for a property management position. With our own team of well-trained technicians, we self-perform and self-manage property management for our clients. Rather than having to deal with multiple different vendors for each aspect of your company’s upkeep, we streamline the process through our account management philosophy. This means there is never a question of quality, competence or accountability when property management is handled by a MaintenX technician. Our laser-focused approach to work-order management keeps our technicians working efficiently and keeps our customers pleased. In addition, our clients receive a level of comfort knowing that just one call to MaintenX will solve any of their facility management problems. MaintenX prides itself on keeping our delivering the best property management services for our customers.

Our property management technicians are held to a high standard and are equipped with superior on-site problem-solving skills in order to provide the highest level of customer service while performing superior property management services. We equip our staff with industry-leading technology and a work order management portal that allows our facility managers to monitor, measure and control every aspect of your work orders to ensure your instructions are followed every time. When you trust your property management needs to MaintenX, we form a partnership, rather than just execute a business transaction.

MaintenX keeps its clients satisfied by emphasizing a culture of safety that is crucial to our technicians. Safety is the highest priority when working on the management of a property. Each MaintenX technician receives ongoing training with a strong focus on safety, leading to superior job performance and customer satisfaction.

MaintenX has been expertly serving multi-location retail stores, restaurant chains, and Fortune 500 companies for more than 30 years. Each MaintenX technician strives to bring business owners results that exceed their expectations. We keep your property’s systems working smoothly so you can focus on running your business efficiently.

Don’t leave your property in the hands of just anyone. Trust your property management to MaintenX today.