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As every small business owner knows, small businesses don’t have the same resources and abilities that major industry players do. This is evident when it comes to building or retrofitting your business for energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. The good news is the Department of Energy knows the struggles of small businesses and has created a … Continue reading "Department of Energy’s Small Business Vouchers Pilot program"

As technology changes, businesses have more tools at their fingertips to become more efficient and reduce their carbon footprint. It was only a matter of time before facility managers started to use new technology, gaining insight like never before. This is especially valuable for companies that have large fleets or teams of service people out … Continue reading "Tools to Help You Decrease your Carbon Footprint"

Green Bathrooms
Posted: May 01, 2018

With everything going “green” these days, it’s no surprise that bathrooms are on the short list of places to update for energy efficiency. The fact of the matter is, we’ve just been doing it wrong for so long when it comes to these private quarters. In most metro areas, 20% of all energy and utility … Continue reading "Green Bathrooms"

What are Cool Pavements?
Posted: May 01, 2018

Asphalt has been a staple of American infrastructure since the late 1800’s. Over the years, it has paved the way to new places – literally. It has shaped industry and big business, its cheap, durable nature making road construction easier and therefore facilitating the predominance of cars. The problem is, such ubiquitous asphalt coverage contributes … Continue reading "What are Cool Pavements?"


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