Self-Performing Facility Maintenance Companies in Tampa, Florida

Facility maintenance companies have varying ideas about how business should be conducted. We believe that the process of installation, repair, and any other kind of maintenance project should be conducted correctly, efficiently, and at reasonable cost. That is why businesses across Tampa, Florida trust MaintenX for all their facility maintenance needs.

We at MaintenX pride ourselves on our use of self-performing technicians and self-managing work orders. How does this separate us from the rest? It gives the client control of the project, and our self-performing technicians eliminate the need for a contractor middleman. Instead, we dispatch each highly trained technician directly to the worksite to complete the task at hand. We welcome accountability, and observe every safety protocol.

For the past 35 years, MaintenX has served companies of all sizes with their facility maintenance projects. We not only perform emergency repairs on equipment or facility systems, but also help devise and execute personalized preventative maintenance plans to help reduce future breakdowns from happening.

To learn more about the services we offer and how we can be your self-performing facility maintenance company of choice, please contact us today.