Self-Performing. Curb to Roof. Coast to Coast.

The MaintenX Disaster Recovery and Rapid Response Team are experienced experts with hurricanes, fires, floods, tornados and snowstorm recovery. The Disaster Recovery division works with clients to ensure an executable plan is in place in case of emergency situations. MaintenX Disaster recovery efforts include:

  • Developing, executives and managing emergency plans through completion
  • Managing crews and equipment for generator deployment and connections
  • Working with power companies to help identify issues and get commercial power back on
  • Working alongside FEMA and Red Cross to help get their operations up and running for impacted communities
  • Working with clients to get temporary stores and pharmacies operating
  • Inspecting and repairing damaged buildings so clients can return to normal operations
  • Developing and managing fueling programs and staging areas for fueling

Disaster Response Services

  • Store Board-ups
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Emergency Backup Generators
  • Generator Fuel Test/Generator Diesel/ BioFuel Test
  • Generator Refueling
  • Generator Repair and Replacement
  • Water Damage Repairs from Flooding or Broken Pipes
  • Repairs for Damage Caused by Fire or Smoke
  • Storm Damage Clean Up

Emergency Storm Response

MaintenX has decades of emergency, storm and disaster experience. With a fleet of generators, fuel trucks, recovery vehicles and a hard-working team of professionals, you can be confident in a reliable and quick recovery of all your business, buildings and property assets!

Team MaintenX was involved in many charitable donations and recovery efforts in the devastated areas in 2017 & 2018.

2020 Zeta FL
2020 Delta LA
2020 Sally LA, AL, FL
2020 Marco LA
2020 Laura LA, TX
2020 Isaias NC
2020 Tornado TN
2019 Dorian FL, GA, SC, NC
2019 Barry LA
2018 Michael FL
2018 Florence NC, SC, VA
2017 Maria PR
2017 Nate LA, MS
2017 Irma FL
2017 Harvey TX
2016 Matthew FL, GA, NC, SC
2016 Hermine FL
2016 Arthur NC
2012 Sandy NY
2012 Isaac LA
2011 Irene NC
2008 Ike LA, TX
2008 Gustav LA
2008 Dolly TX
2007 Humberto LA, TX
2005 Wilma FL
2005 Rita FL, LA, TX
2005 Ophelia NC
2005 Katrina AL, FL, LA, MS
2005 Dennis AL, FL
2005 Cindy LA
2004 Jeanne FL
2004 Ivan AL, FL
2004 Frances FL
2004 Gaston SC
2004 Charley FL, NC, VA
2003 Isabel NC, VA
2002 Lili LA