Small Business Handyman Services in Tampa, Florida

Many businesses have a handyman on their staff to perform maintenance tasks and odd jobs that arise around the facility. Small businesses, however, often do not have the resources or the regular demand to justify hiring a full-time employee for this purpose, and instead choose to bring in a third-party company. When small businesses in Tampa, Florida look for handyman services, they turn to MaintenX.

At MaintenX, we are a nationally renowned facility management and maintenance company that has served companies of all sizes from coast to coast. We credit our success to our operational model: we dispatch self-performing technicians who work under self-managing work orders. This means that there is no middleman or contractor, and each technician is sent directly to the worksite to complete the task at hand. Each MaintenX professional is highly trained and well-equipped with the best technology to ensure each job is completed smoothly and swiftly. Our quality will impress you, and our strong culture of safety gives you peace of mind.

A professional handyman’s strength is in versatility. A MaintenX professional will be able to complete anything from the installation of new equipment, to repair of existing infrastructure, to general maintenance around the facility. With more than 35 years in the maintenance industry, we’ve installed, fixed, and maintained almost everything. For all your handyman services, you can count on MaintenX.

To learn more about how we can serve you, please contact us today.