Space Allocation Assessments

Our homes can often seem bursting with things for which we don’t have adequate space. The same can apply to a business facility. Sometimes, however, the opposite might be true: too much vacant space that could be put to better use. In either case, a facility manager might be tempted to move to different premises. But before you bring in the movers, invite MaintenX for a space allocation assessment to see what changes you can make at your current facility.

A space allocation assessment is a comprehensive overview of a business facility that finds the optimal use for all spaces. Any facility can benefit from such analysis, but it’s particularly important for businesses that feel pressed for space, or those that know they’re using space inefficiently. After the assessment, we can help you create a plan to accomplish your storage goals. You might be surprised to find out just how much your space can contain!

MaintenX is a nationally renowned company that has specialized in facility maintenance for over 30 years. When you work with MaintenX, you work with a team of highly trained, self-performing technicians that have not only cutting-edge tools but also advanced problem-solving skills. Our in-house professionals can handle any maintenance project swiftly and efficiently, and our self-managing work orders put you in control.

At MaintenX, we have the skills and experience necessary to make space allocation assessments, advise you on a plan, and help you execute it. Optimized facilities make for strong businesses! To learn more about this and other facility maintenance services that we offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.