Employee Spotlight: Dan Fish

Employee Spotlight: Dan Fish

Our Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of MaintenX who make us leaders in total facilities repair day in and day out.







Your Title and role?

Fleet and Safety Manager. My primary focus is on vehicle procurement, upkeep, and management, and my focus on Safety is the primary point of contact for safety administration. I train new hires, look for ways to improve safety and conduct OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reporting annually for vendor credentialing.

Number of years you’ve been working in construction, repair and maintenance?

I’ve been in vehicle maintenance since 1991. I joined the Air Force and became a specialized heavy equipment mechanic, concentrating on fire trucks, and then progressed through the ranks to eventually become the overall vehicle fleet manager for the base I was assigned to. I retired in 2014 and worked for an automotive testing company and then Denver Water, Colorado’s oldest and largest water utility, before joining MaintenX.

Areas of construction, repair and maintenance you specialize in?

I handle tradesman certification and licensing for MaintenX. This allows our team to pull required permits for plumbing, electrical, general building and roofing. In addition, I monitor business tax receipts as another area of mine, because usually those are required for contractor registrations. This can be challenging at times because of the many different municipalities, cities, and state agencies that have to be health with, but it’s rewarding to get this completed and know that all of MaintenX’s business processes are current and fully compliant. 👍

What you’re working on this month?

A lot. New vehicle leasing, fuel card reporting, vehicle fleet orders with manufacturers and streamlining vehicle assignments. It’s keeping me busy!

Favorite party about helping make a repair or completing an installation to address a customer’s problem?

When I can help our service team obtain all necessary permits and inspections to get a job completed, it is extremely fulfilling.

Proudest career accomplishment at MaintenX?

I’m very proud of our vehicle repair billing program. We established a centralized billing program for nearly all repairs that eliminated the processing of a large number of monthly credit card payments, the inputting of service records by hand, and the inefficiency and the extra time it sometimes took to arrange small and simple vehicle repairs. Now, technicians can more easily find repair facilities on their own, they can do this without having to call in for payments, and they can better and more quickly find the best vendor to address their needs.

Best overall part about working at MaintenX?

Obviously, the people. We move at a fast pace, but we always take the time to enjoy each other’s company, share lunches, and get together at events outside of work or just around the office.

Things you like to do outside of work?

I’m a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan and enjoy catching games at Amalie Arena. Also, my daughter attends the University of Maryland and is in the marching and pep bands, so we enjoy attending a lot of sporting events there as well. And we also enjoy trying various craft breweries in the area.







With my family showing our support for the University of Maryland. Go Terps!







At a UM sports event in College Park, Maryland, with my daughter.

Favorite movie?

The Godfather and The Godfather Part II, and Inglorious Basterds or  Snatch.

Favorite place to travel?

London. I have family there and, as my father always says, as the famous quote by the British writer Samuel Johnson states, “When a man tires of London, they are tired of life.”







Go Lightning! ⚡️