Employee Spotlight: Joey Labriola

Employee Spotlight: Joey Labriola

Our Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of MaintenX who make us leaders in total facilities repair day in and day out.







Your title and role?

Plumbing Supervisor. I manage maintenance, repair and replacement projects for a full range of service needs related to sewer pipes and water lines.

Number of years you’ve been working in construction, repair and maintenance?

I’ve been working in construction and service plumbing for 21 years, with 13 of those years at MaintenX.

Areas of construction, repair and maintenance that you specialize in?

I’m pretty knowledgeable about all areas of plumbing repairs but really enjoy service projects rather than new-construction projects. It’s rewarding to help people, to get their business back in operation, and to solve problems that they don’t usually have the knowledge and skill to handle themselves.

What you’re working on this month?

I just found a way to rebuild a wall hydrant instead of replacing it and was able to save a customer considerable time and money. I’m also working with another customer to develop a plan to replace a water meter that is located in a tricky spot in a stockroom.

Favorite part about helping make a repair or complete an installation to address a customer’s problem?

Although it can be uncomfortable to show up for a service job and have someone be frantic about an emergency that is obstructing their business, there is an amazing flip side to this situation. Being able to immediately arrive on site, determine the problem, know what the solution is, and then implement that solution to quickly get a business fully back up and running is one of the best feelings in the world!

Proudest career accomplishment at MaintenX?

Reaching the level of Plumbing Supervisor and having the independence and responsibility to lead my own teams and manage customer projects from start to finish.

Best overall part about working at MaintenX?

The people. They’re all so understanding and respectful about our lives outside of work, and they’re always there for you to help figure out any questions or problems with different jobs.

Things you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy playing softball and have been a member of the MaintenX intramural team for four years. I’m an avid golfer, too, and also like watching it occasionally. Ricky Fowler is my favorite player.

Me ( center) at a gender-reveal event with family and friends at Tropical Park, FL.




Golfing at the world-famous course at Pebble Beach, CA.






My wife, Diana, and Daughter, Sophia.





Favorite movie?

Man on Fire.

Favorite place to travel?

The Caribbean, where my favorite place is Trinidad, where my mom is from. I used to go there every summer to visit. I enjoy the beautiful beaches there as well as watching cricket.


With my son, Joseph, at his high school graduation. He’s now an engineering major at UCF, and I couldn’t be more proud!





In a light-hearted moment with my daughter. We’re parked and not actually driving! 🙂