Utilities Infrastructure Condition Assessment

A building’s utilities are essential to business processes, as well as the comfort and safety of both customers and employees. Whether water, HVAC, or electricity, maintenance of utility infrastructure is vital. It’s bad enough when these systems fail in a home, but in a business such failure creates downtime that hurts productivity, makes workers less effective, and damages consumer happiness. Let MaintenX assess the condition of your utilities; we’ll check everything, pipes to wires.

MaintenX is known in the facility management industry for our quality and range of services. We credit a large part of this success to our team of self-performing technicians, who we dispatch directly to the job site. All our technicians are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology, which ensures that every project is completed swiftly and effectively. In addition, our self-managing work orders empower the business owner or facility manager with control over every step of a project.

No business wants to be without power or water. While some damage is unavoidable in disaster scenarios, well-maintained infrastructure is resilient. Inspecting systems regularly helps prevent problems and weak points from developing. Catching damaged, rusty, or dirty pipes staves off plumbing issues, for example, and electrical wiring can be assessed to prevent blackouts and electrical fires.

MaintenX has over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of facility maintenance, and has performed utilities infrastructure condition assessments for companies of all sizes across the country. We are happy to not only perform such an assessment, but also to help you use the findings to develop and implement a maintenance plan. To learn more about this and other services, please contact us anytime!