Waste Management for Large Facilities

Large facilities have multiple factors to manage that smaller ones do not, and waste management is among them. While small facilities only produce the kind of waste one might see at a large home, large and industrial facilities generate much more, and sometimes that waste is volatile or hazardous. As such, facility managers must follow different procedures to manage this waste and dispose of it safely.

There are two main ways that large facilities handle waste: store it until it can be picked up by governmental services or break it down in-house. For facilities following the former, it is important designate a storage area out of the way of employee and customer traffic. Regardless of whether the waste is harmful, don’t place it near where people will be working. In addition, store it in sealed containers, for sanitary purposes.

If you choose to dispose of industrial waste yourself, then you will want to invest in an incinerator or other large-scale disposal machine. It will help compact and eliminate waste, but it does require permits to own and operate. Moreover, large equipment requires consistent maintenance to function properly.

We at MaintenX can assist with all waste management and equipment maintenance, so feel free to contact us any time for more information about the services we offer.