What is a Digital Workplace?

Technology is a powerful tool that allows each of us to innovate and create new solutions to old problems. This is evidenced by the trend of companies creating digital workplaces. But before you can get with the times and create a digital workplace, you must first understand what one is. Let’s look at a couple of key ideas surrounding the digital workplace.

A digital workplace utilizes technology to create a virtual environment that is the equivalent of a physical workplace. This gives users instant access to information and the ability to work from practically anywhere in the world. Corporations who do this successfully can maximize staff contributions and even hire better talent without regard to their location.

One great example of going digital is ditching paper and using the Cloud. Many offices now use services like SharePoint to store localized information for communal access. Files can be downloaded, uploaded, and shared, all without leaving behind any physical footprint. This helps improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Another example is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that employees can access their work computers remotely. Having the ability to access files, information, or even industry-specific software from a remote location has changed the face of the workforce. Instant access is a beautiful thing.

So how do you know if you need to, or are ready to, implement a digital workplace? By assessing your company goals and establishing a technology foundation, you will be able to determine how important it is for you to go virtual. I don’t think anyone would argue that they want the best staff possible or would like to increase sales and productivity. So, take it slow. Start by establishing a shared information cloud. From there, work through a game plan with your IT expert on how to personalize your solution. The time of digital-only is approaching.