What to Do When the Water Main Leaks

If you suspect that your home is experiencing a water main leak, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure the ensuing process goes as smoothly as possible. Most homeowners can identify when a main is leaking; they receive higher than average water bills, or notice water surfacing in their yard. Either is reason to reach out to your city’s water services department and notify them. The next step is to turn off water to your home and read the water meter to verify the leak. Lastly, purchase some bottled water while waiting for the issue to be resolved. Let’s look into these steps in further detail below:

Calling 3-1-1 to Notify of Potential Water Main Leak

If you suspect that your home is suffering from a main water line leak, it is crucial to reach out to city managers and alert them to the situation. There no negative repercussions from having city maintenance workers assess the situation, so do not hesitate to call. They will evaluate the leak and determine how to proceed.

Shutting Water Off in Time of Water Main Leak

After calling your local city managers, the next step is to locate and shut off your main water valve. This will ensure that no one in your household uses or consumes contaminated water, which can cause drastic health issues that no one wants to experience.

Checking the Water Meter for a Water Main Leak

After locating and successfully turning off your home’s water valve, locate your water meter. If your digital meter reads a “0”, it means a leak has occurred. If your analog meter shows the long red arm or a small red triangle moving back and forth, your meter has identified a leak.

Stocking Up on Water for a Water Main Leak

After the above steps have been taken and a leak has been identified, it is important to stock up on bottled water. This water can be used for basic needs like drinking and hygiene while the repairs are underway. The process can range from a couple hours to a couple days, so make sure you and your family have enough water.

Main leaks can come out of nowhere, but by taking the necessary precautions, you and your family can continue to go about life normally. Go to MaintenX.com for more information about plumbing maintenance and services.