Are Commercial Cleaning Services worth the Money?

If you’re responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of a business, then you know how much of a headache it can be. We will review factors businesses have to consider when deciding whether to outsource those services.

Pros to Commercial Cleaning Services:

– Outsourcing can free up time, resources, and management for more important tasks

– Employees are trained, uniformed, insured, and bonded by company

– Knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning offices

– Account manager support

– Cleaning company provides appropriate cleaning equipment and chemicals for your office

Cons to Commercial Cleaning Service

– Usually the most expensive option

– Can be locked into a long contract

– Sometimes unsuited to businesses with highly specialized equipment or facilities

Properly Prepare

Prepare a list of cleaning services needed, making sure every task in your buildings is put into writing. Send a request for proposals based on the scope services to multiple contractors with experience cleaning your building type, that they have the necessary equipment, provide proper cleaning training to their cleaning staff, and meet your insurance’s requirements.

After looking at the various bids you receive, whittle your list down to only three contractors, and then ask each of them to prepare a presentation. This is very, very important. You are not looking for the contractor who gives the best performance, but rather the contractor you can count on, work with, and who can complete your cleaning needs most effectively.