MaintenX Gives Back to the Community with Donation of Over 700 Gifts for Disadvantaged Kids

It included 134 kids, over 700 gifts, and almost $15,000, but the number of ways it will brighten the holidays for many people in the Tampa Bay area could be incalculable.

On Dec. 2, we continued our company’s holiday tradition by making a huge drop-off of toys and gifts at the Salvation Army center in South St. Petersburg to help kids that we “adopted” for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. The donation continues our holiday tradition that also includes programs with Habitat for Humanity and Metropolitan Ministries, and a tradition that perfectly complements our company’s legacy of improving people’s lives through quick, cost-efficient, and expert repair solutions.

Angel Tree Program

For the fourth year in a row, we participated in the Angel Tree program. To do it, we organized a company campaign to encourage employees to “adopt” a child of a needy family, buy gifts for the child that included both “needs” and “wants” specified in wish lists by the child’s family, and bring the gifts to the office to be collected for a mass delivery to the South St. Petersburg Salvation Army center.

The big day was on Dec. 2, when a team of about 10 MaintenX employees traveled in a convoy from our South Tampa office to the Salvation Army center in South St. Petersburg to drop off all the toys and gifts. It was truly a team effort that we needed everyone’s help with to assemble, transport, and drop off hundreds of gifts, including everything from toys to craft kits to tablets to bikes to scooters.

And one of the best parts of our effort is that MaintenX made a company match for each child adopted by an employee to double the total amount of adopted children. With this match, we were able to adopt a total of 134 children and donate more than 700 toys and gifts that amounted to about $100 to $150 for each child!

Bill Schaphorst, Vice President, New Business Development, summed up our effort well: “It’s a privilege and a pleasure for our company to take part in this program each year and help brighten the holidays for a number of disadvantaged children and their families across the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to an excellent partnership with and careful organization by the Salvation Army, we’re able to have a direct impact on how some of those less fortunate celebrate the holidays. To say that we helped 134 children and donated over 700 toys and gifts will be one of our company’s proudest results for 2022.”


Habitat for Humanity Program

Another program that is part of our holiday tradition is sponsoring the building of and assisting in the construction of one house a year for a needy family through Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties.

Starting in 2019, we’ve provided company financial support and employee volunteer construction service to build one Habitat for Humanity house a year for a disadvantaged family needing a home.

We continued with this effort in December when, on Dec. 3, at our annual holiday party, we announced a new Habitat house we would sponsor. The new Habitat homeowners were on hand to celebrate the news with us as well as some of the homeowners of completed houses from our previous Habitat projects. We’re looking forward to beginning the construction of the new home next spring!

Plus, besides helping build new homes, we’re also a regular sponsor of Habitat for Humanity’s annual Golfing Fore Habitat tournament, and we recently took part in that on Oct. 31.


Metropolitan Ministries Program

A third program that has become a part of MaintenX’s annual charitable tradition is the contributing of tens of employee volunteer service hours helping hungry families pick up food supplies at the holiday tent of Metropolitan Ministries.

There, we help distribute food to needy families by stocking food items at distribution centers, loading them on carts for recipients, and assisting recipients with the transport of food items to their vehicles, among other activities.

This year, about 10 employees completed volunteer shifts on Nov. 18 and 22, and about 10 more have registered to complete shifts on Dec. 16 and 22.

We also participate in Metropolitan Ministries’ Backpacks of Hope program, which provides backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies to disadvantaged children in late summer, at the beginning of each school year.


Special Thank-You

A special thanks goes to – everyone at MaintenX!

From our senior executives, who sponsored the matching gift offer for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, to everyone who adopted a child and bought gifts amounting to $75 to $150 for each one, to everyone who helped assemble, load, and transport gifts to the Salvation Army center, to everyone who volunteered for a shift at Metropolitan Ministries, to everyone who has lent a hand on our previous Habitat for Humanity projects and everyone who is planning to lend one on our next one, thank you!

We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to everyone’s participation in the future so we can continue our company’s proud holiday charitable tradition for many years to come.

Do I Need A Backup Generator For My Facility?

Backup generators are common investments for larger facilities such as medical centers and industrial warehouses. They can be a lifesaver in a storm or power outage when essential services and production times cannot wait. However, not every facility needs uninterruptable power, and not all need the same type of power in case of emergencies. 


If you’re looking to invest in a backup generator for your business, ask yourself these questions before making the purchase: 


Does my business provide essential services to the community?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you need to invest in a backup generator for your business. Essential services not only include medical and emergency response, but businesses like grocery stores, transportation, and home maintenance service providers. These services are essential in the aftermath of a storm that knocks everyone off the power grid, and your proximity to neighborhoods may be a lifesaver for someone in need. 


Does my business store critical information digitally or onsite? 

Power interruptions can cause interruptions to server systems and computers, which can be detrimental if you store critical business or customer information onsite. An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) system or backup generator can save your data and ensure you don’t lose your most valuable information in the event of a storm. 


Does my business provide shelter in the event of a storm?

Your business may be small enough that you would likely close in the event of a storm or power outage. However, having a backup generator can turn your business into a safe haven during a natural disaster. If you can provide shelter for employees and residents in your area, a backup generator is a wise investment. 


Does your business store food or other perishables?

If you store food, drinks, or other perishable goods at your facility, a backup generator is a must. Not only do you want to preserve your inventory, but coming back after several days to a rotting commercial kitchen is a mess nobody wants to clean up. A backup generator or UPS system that does not need to be monitored can save your facility from great losses.


A Backup generator can help almost any size business feel safer and more prepared in the event of a storm. Talk to your MaintenX team about backup generator or UPS installation, as well as the annual maintenance that goes into these systems.

Why Is My HVAC System Making That Noise?

Your HVAC system is one of the most important systems throughout your entire building. It is responsible not only for the comfort of your employees and tenants, but can preserve indoor air quality in businesses that need it the most. In a commercial kitchen, medical facility, or industrial complex, indoor air quality is of the utmost importance for tenant health and long-term safety. 


When your HVAC system starts making strange noises, you should immediately contact your MaintenX team. Even a slight issue with its performance can cost you thousands in repairs if not addressed immediately. If you hear any of these noises coming from your ents or outdoor units, give us a call. 



A squeal or screeching noise could mean the fan belt needs replacing, or the motor needs lubrication. These repairs are fairly simple and inexpensive, but neglecting to do them can cause permanent damage to your HVAC’s mechanical parts. 



A clicking noise on the first cold day of winter may be a good noise – it means your furnace is working after being out of commission for several months. However, if that clicking noise continues (especially if you’re having issues with climate control), it could mean your ignition system is malfunctioning. Call your technician if the clicking noise continues for more than a day to ensure further complications don’t occur. 



If you can hear a rhythmic slapping or thumping sound within your outdoor unit, there may be something stuck in the motor or fan blades. This can cause significant wear and tear over time, which can lessen your system’s performance ability and cause other repairs down the line. 


Rattling or banging 

This noise is another sign that something is loose or broken within the fan components of the system. This sound often signals more extensive repairs, so the sooner you call your HVAC technician, the better. 


In most circumstances, an unusual noise coming from your HVAC system should be inspected by an HVAC professional. Even if the repair is minor, it’s better to fix it now rather than wait for disaster. To learn more about HVAC repairs and maintenance for your facility, contact your local MaintenX team today!

Three Things Your Roofer Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

Roofing repair is one of the most important services we offer at MaintenX. Oftentimes, roofing problems are what get businesses in trouble when left untreated, as they can lead to major water damage, pest infestations, and worse. Our best tool is education when it comes to roofing service, as an informed customer can make a better decision on when and what they need for their roofing system. 


While we do our best to arm our clients with knowledge on their roofing system, we often see them make these same mistakes over and over. If you want to avoid costly roofing repairs and maintenance later down the line, avoid making these common roofing errors: 


Getting on the roof without safety equipment. 

Unless your commercial building is made for foot traffic on the roof, never climb up there without safety equipment. This puts you at severe risk, and should never be necessary without a licensed roofer present. Even if it is for something as simple as hanging company Christmas lights, you should always use safety equipment when getting on your building’s roof. 


Ignoring minor roof leaks. 

Modern roofing is made to withstand leaks. It is built in layers including waterproof membranes, flashing, and durable exterior roof material, all of which are designed to minimize water damage. If you notice a leak coming from your roof, that means something has gone seriously wrong. Contact your MaintenX team immediately to address the issue and avoid further roof damage. 


Neglecting to clean your roof and gutters. 

One of the worst parts of a roofer’s job is having to clean severely neglected roofing and gutter systems on a commercial building. It may be a pain to schedule cleanings every six months to a year, but it is much better for your roofing and will help you avoid costly repairs later on. Talk to your MaintenX roofer about a cleaning schedule to ensure your roof looks great and stays strong for years to come. 


MaintenX offers professional roofing repair, preventative care, and installations for commercial facilities. If you are looking to clean or repair your roofing, give us a call today to learn what MaintenX can do for you!

Three Things Your Plumber Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

Plumbing is one of the most essential systems for any commercial facility. Whether you’re operating a commercial kitchen or medical center, proper plumbing care ensures your employees and guests are in a healthy and clean environment. However, there are still plenty of mistakes we see clients make when it comes to their plumbing care. 


Below are three common plumbing mistakes we often see, and what you can do to avoid making them: 


Washing anything and everything down the drain.

We see this most often in commercial kitchens, but it can happen in restrooms or industrial facilities as well. Commercial plumbing is not bullet-proof and will corrode or clog over time if the wrong things go down it. Avoid flushing or washing large pieces of waste like food, grease, non-flushable paper products, or any other solid object down your drain as often as possible. This will prevent clogs and backups later down the time, which are much more burdensome than fishing food out of your sink. 


Using DIY drain cleaners. 

Drain cleaning chemicals are incredibly harsh and corrosive and will lead to plumbing problems down the line. While they will work, it is much safer for you to call your plumber for a snaking or hydro-jetting service when a severe clog is found. For smaller clogs, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar rather than chemical cleaners.


Skipping preventative care. 

Commercial facilities put a lot more pressure on the plumbing system than you do at your home. This is especially true for foodservice, healthcare, and industrial facilities where water is used all day long. Sit down with your MaintenX plumber to discuss a preventative care schedule that works for you. Simple maintenance steps like drain cleaning can help you prevent plumbing disasters and keep our system in good shape for decades. 


MaintenX is happy to answer all of your plumbing questions or provide service for your local business. To learn more about our plumbing preventative maintenance, contact your local MaintenX today!

Three Things Your HVAC Technician Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

MaintenX specializes in commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, and installments across the country. We strive to educate our clients as well as provide service to them, to ensure they make the best decisions for their facility. However, we still see plenty of HVAC mistakes from our clients when working on their preventative maintenance. 


Below are three things our HVAC techs wish you wouldn’t do, and what you can do instead to avoid these mistakes:


Changing the temperature every day. 

Thermostat wars are common in office buildings. When you have one employee that’s always too hot, and another that’s always too cold, it’s common to have the thermostat change almost daily. However, this overworks your system and causes a higher power bill than what you would have if the temperature was stable. It’s okay to change the temperature according to seasonal changes, but try to maintain a consistent setting throughout the summer and winter to ensure your HVAC system runs properly. 


Neglecting your air filters. 

Air filters need to be changed once a month for your HVAC system to run efficiently. If not, your air quality will be affected as well as your HVAC unit itself. The dirt and dust that isn’t trapped will continue to circulate and back up into the system. It will also make your HVAC system work harder to push air through the dirty filter, which in turn raises your power costs. 


Assuming bigger is better. 

At MaintenX, we do a lot of HVAC upgrades in older buildings. Oftentimes our clients want to upgrade to a bigger system, thinking that they’ll have better climate control with a larger system. However, a larger system on a building that is small will only make your HVAC system run less efficiently. Focus on the technology and energy efficiency of the system rather than the size when choosing an appropriate upgrade. 


MaintenX offers HVAC repair, preventative care, and installations for businesses across the U.S. To learn more about our services or to schedule a repair today, contact your local MaintenX team!

Four Things Your Electrician Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

At MaintenX, we like to get to know our clients and provide them with as much hands-on knowledge as possible to make their maintenance programs run better. From DIY tips to advice on the latest equipment upgrades, we strive to arm our clients with information so they can do what they do best. However, there are several things we wish our clients wouldn’t do, especially when it comes to their electrical system. 


Below are four things your electrician wishes you wouldn’t do, and why these actions can pose a risk to your facility and yourself: 


Using loose electrical outlets. 

Loose outlets are not only impractical but are a potential fire hazard to your facility. An outlet that is loose can generate quite a lot of heat, which is incredibly dangerous. If any of your outlets are loose, replace them immediately before plugging into one. 


Overloading your circuit. 

Oftentimes, commercial facilities are loaded to the max with electrical appliances, which can easily lead to an overloaded circuit in older buildings. An overloaded circuit will cause issues with all of your electrical appliances and can lead to electrical safety hazards if modern fail-safes are not in place. If you notice flickering lights or a circuit tripping frequently, contact your electrician to talk about upgrading. 


Ignoring electrical issues in the restroom. 

Water conducts electricity very well, which is why electrical components in a bathroom can be risky. If you notice exposed wires or a loose outlet, contact your MaintenX electrician immediately. Electrocutions can cause severe and debilitating injuries, so don’t take this hazard lightly. 


Doing electrical repairs yourself. 

Some maintenance tasks you don’t have to outsource – painting the walls, snaking a drain, and cleaning your gutters are all simple tasks for you or your onsite janitorial staff to handle. However, all electrical repairs should be done by a licensed electrician, no matter how small. Electrical repairs are dangerous if not done correctly. It is much better to pay for a professional than to risk your safety and health over a few saved dollars. 


MaintenX offers affordable, fast electrical repair for businesses across the U.S. If you’d like to learn more or hire a licensed electrician in your area, give your local MaintenX a call today!

The Meaning of Electrical Wire Colors

At MaintenX, safety is our top priority. From the training we provide to the precautions we take onsite, everything is centered around safe and reliable service for our customers. This is especially important for electrical work, which poses risks of electrocution and fire hazards if done incorrectly. 


One of the things that help electricians stay safe is the wire color-coding system. Different colored wires are used for different purposes, which helps them to easily identify issues and fix them quickly. If you are working on electrical repairs yourself, it is helpful to know what these colors mean, and which ones are dangerous to handle on your own: 



Green wires are used for grounding. They can sometimes feature a yellow stripe or be bare copper wire but are typically insulated for protection. Grounding wires prevent electrical hazards by redirecting current when a short circuit or overload occurs. Because they can conduct electricity, they should be handled with caution at all times. 



Black wires are “live” wires and are used to feed electricity to all of your appliances and outlets. They are also used as “switch legs,” which power appliances when a switch. Black wires should always be considered live and require you to shut off the circuit breaker or power to the entire building if performing electrical repair. 



Red wires are used as alternate live wires for a variety of applications. When a particular appliance requires a lot of electricity, such as a stove or A/C unit, red wires are used with black wires to provide the additional power. Red wires can also be used as switch legs for things like a ceiling fan that has an alternate switch for the light. In some instances, red wires are used as “trigger wires” to interconnect electrical appliances such as smoke or security alarms. 



White wires are called “neutral” wires because they carry electrical current from the hot wire back to a grounded portion of the building’s electrical circuit. Without neutral wires, the circuit is incomplete. While the name is deceiving, these wires can still carry an electrical current and should be treated as live. 


If you are working with your electrical system, it is essential to understand this color system and be cautious with every wire you handle. Electrical accidents are some of the worst work-related accidents, and should be avoided at all costs by having a proper knowledge of electrical safety, and calling a professional for help when needed. 


To learn more about electrical safety or to contact a licensed electrician for electrical repair, call your local MaintenX team today.

Environmental Pros & Cons of Solar Paneling For Your Roof

Many companies are on the move to switch to solar in the next decade. This renewable power source is not only trendy because of its environmental impact, but can help businesses save by allowing them to generate their own power. However, solar is often painted as a problem-free solution, which is not the reality for many businesses. 


In addition to its cost, solar can be tricky to install and require more maintenance than a traditional roofing system. Its environmental benefits also come at a cost. Below are just a few of the environmental pros and cons of solar paneling to help you make a better decision for your business: 


You are reducing your carbon footprint significantly. 

This is the most obvious, and most touted benefit of solar paneling. With the energy you save, you can reduce your carbon footprint for energy consumption almost to zero. While the manufacturing and installation of solar panels still create some carbon waste, it is paled in comparison to the consumption required for most buildings running on the grid. 


Disposal of panels is tricky. 

Unfortunately, the lifespan of a typical solar panel is generally 25-30 years. In comparison to most permanent installations for facilities, this is a relatively low lifespan, and recycling these materials is tricky. Improper disposal of solar panels can lead to harmful exposure from the chemicals and metals used to make the panels, so be sure to ask your installation team about recycling options and proper maintenance. 


Solar systems improve air quality. 

The pollution caused by traditional energy sources affects air quality in the urban areas surrounding them. With solar energy, this pollution is non-existent. This can aid in improving air quality for your entire community, which leads to a better quality of life for all. 


Solar panels can disrupt the land and habitat. 

If you are installing solar panels in a well-populated area and on an already-constructed building, this may not be a concern for you. However, solar paneling for entire cities often requires clear-cutting or repurposing of large spaces of land, which in turn harms the natural environment that once stood. Solar panels can also be a danger to birds and other wildlife if placed in uninhabited areas. 


The solar industry is creating jobs every single day. 

While many people fret that the transition to renewables will leave oil industry veterans out of a job, the solar industry is innovating faster than almost any tech sector in today’s market. This is creating new opportunities for young professionals looking to specialize in renewables, and in turn, grows the national economy in both the short and long term. 


Solar panels are not a catch-all solution to today’s environmental issues. However, by installing them at your business, you can save yourself money on the power bill and contribute to an innovative, cleaner future. To learn more about solar options for your facility, contact MaintenX today.

Three Smarter Roofing Designs For Your Facility

MaintenX specializes in roof construction and repair and is always on the lookout for better technologies for our clients. While most commercial roofing is either designed with concrete or an affordable shingle, there are many other options property owners should consider before remodeling or beginning new construction. 


Below are three smart roofing systems you should consider that break expectation and will provide lasting value to your building: 


EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is a relatively new commercial roofing option with many benefits for larger facilities. It is cheap and easy to install, making it ideal for industrial sites where costs are scrutinized down to the dime. EPDM rubber is also highly durable and can withstand weather, rooftop maintenance, and years of direct sunlight. EPDM rubber provides a smooth surface, and though it is not as aesthetically pleasing as other roofing options, it is much safer for things like rooftop HVAC maintenance and other building repairs. 


Built-up Roofing (BUR) systems

BUR roofing consists of a semi-flexible membrane constructed in many layers (hence “built-up” roofing). This design maximizes durability and water resistance which is ideal for buildings that face harsh weather conditions throughout the year. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we often use BUR roofing systems to protect buildings from hurricane damage. This system can be more time-consuming and expensive to install but will provide your facility with a roof that is meant to last. 


Solar paneling

Though not a roofing system on its own, the installation of solar panels can make your entire building and roofing system work more efficiently. Sunlight is a common problem for the insulation and maintenance of a roof. Why not transform it into something useful for your facility instead? Solar panels are becoming more efficient and affordable every year, and many states offer subsidies for installation on commercial sites. 


If you are in the process of building or remodeling your roof, talk to MaintenX about these options today! We’d be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction for your roofing repair and installation.