Choosing the Right Flowers For Your Facility’s Entrance

Colorful flowers are a staple at the entrance of businesses and homes for a reason. Fresh flowers can boost your mood, offer an enticing aroma, and can attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. Their colors can also make an otherwise drab building look friendly and inviting. However, choosing the right flowers for a commercial building is not always simple. 


You want flowers that are bright, colorful, easy to maintain, and will attract the right kind of wildlife (while fending off the rest). MaintenX takes special care to recommend the right flowers for our clients that will lessen their landscaping burden while enhancing an outdoor showroom or entrance. Below are our top recommendations for commercial landscaping: 


Star jasmine

Star jasmine is a highly fragrant and easily maintained vine that you can grow at the entrance of your facility. The scent is intoxicating, and this plant is relatively heat-resistant. Your primary maintenance concern will be trimming it back so it doesn’t overrun your other plants or outdoor hardscape. However, with regular landscaping visits, star jasmine can be a great addition to your facility. 



Hibiscus flowers are colorful, aromatic, and easy to grow in all types of climates. They are especially popular in Florida because of their ability to survive the summer heat. Hibiscus can also cover plenty of ground as they grow on shrubs.



Similar to hibiscus, azaleas make great ground cover plants as they grow in large bushes and have beautiful pink and white flowers in the spring. Azaleas are common in the southeast in residential areas, but they can easily be added to commercial facilities as well. Take advantage of these low-maintenance shrubs at the entrance or near parking lots for full effect. 



Pentas are beautiful flowering shrubs that form clusters of blooms in the spring. They come in a variety of colors and are relatively low maintenance, especially in warmer climates. They are found in both residential and commercial areas and will add a pop of color to any front entrance. 


MaintenX wants to help you make the most of your summer landscaping. To learn more about our maintenance services and commercial landscaping tips, contact us or read more from the Resource Center

Summer Sunshine Can Destroy Your Parking Lot

The summer months are often the busiest for retail, restaurant, and even some healthcare facilities. With more customers out and about, you’re more likely to see walk-in traffic while the weather is warm and kids out of school. Healthcare facilities often see more appointments either due to vacation-related health issues or because parents have more time to schedule appointments for children and themselves. However, you won’t see that much-needed traffic if your facility’s exterior is not up to par. 


Parking lots say a lot about the overall care of a facility. Unfortunately, they take quite a beating in the summertime due to the heat. High temperatures and daily afternoon showers can cause these issues in your parking lot during the summer:


  • The tar melts and causes deformities. When the sun beats down, it can slowly melt the tar in parking lot asphalt over time. While you won’t notice this as it’s happening, the melted tar will re-form and cause bumps and deformities in the parking lot surface. 


  • Asphalt cracks and becomes loose. As the tar melts and morphs into different shapes, it can more easily crack. Older parking lots are more likely to crack in the summertime because this process of melting and reforming tar has happened for years, and the structure is no longer sound. 


  • Asphalt swells from high heat or heavy rains. Asphalt can also swell due to the high heat or from heavy rain in the summertime. This will also cause deformities in the surface and will eventually lead the surface to crack. 


Solutions for Parking Lot Sun Damage


While you cannot fully protect your parking lot from sun damage, you can apply a sealant on the fresh pavement to extend its service life and avoid some of these issues. Your MaintenX technician can help you choose a seal coating for your parking lot and schedule the application during off-hours. Sealants typically do not take long to dry and can be applied to new and older parking lots. 


MaintenX takes parking lot and exterior facility maintenance seriously. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact your local team today!

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Tips To Help You Get Through The Summer

Restaurants and commercial foodservice facilities have some of the strictest maintenance and sanitary guidelines among businesses in the U.S. the standards to which your commercial facility is measured are high, which means there is no room for error when it comes to preventative care. Luckily, MaintenX specializes in commercial kitchen maintenance and has worked with restaurants of all sizes across the country. 


Below are some of our top tips to help you have stress-free inspections and keep your kitchen running at peak performance. If you have any questions or would like to create a preventative maintenance schedule with our technicians, call your local MaintenX team today!


Clean, degrease and replace as needed. 

Deep cleaning should be an essential element of your commercial kitchen maintenance scheduling. Moving and cleaning behind equipment as well as daily cleaning performed by staff will help reduce other maintenance issues down the line. You should also talk to your MaintenX team about replacing air filters, cleaning pipes, and scheduling other specialized cleaning services.


Maintain your ventilation system.

The ventilation system is one of the most important yet overlooked systems in commercial kitchens. It is responsible for the safety and comfort of your staff, and therefore should be regularly cleaned and checked. Commercial kitchens require much more frequent HVAC checks than typical facilities or residential buildings. Talk to your MaintenX technicians about setting up a proper maintenance schedule based on the demand and age of your facility. 


Schedule refrigeration inspections.

If a refrigerant leak or power outage occurs, your refrigeration system will suffer tremendously. You don’t want to lose money because perishable goods spoil in the refrigerator, so be sure to keep up with preventative care on your refrigerator. Clean, inspect, and check all essential refrigerant parts to ensure a breakdown never occurs. 


Create a preventative maintenance plan. 

All of these issues can be resolved if you work on a preventative maintenance schedule for your facility. We can help you create a manageable and effective schedule that will keep your kitchen from facing disaster. Many of our clients say that this was one of the best decisions they’ve made for the health, safety, and efficiency of their business. 


MaintenX specializes in commercial kitchen repairs and understands your needs in this demanding industry. To learn more about our repair and preventative maintenance services, contact our offices today!

Essential Summer Maintenance for Your Backup Generator

At MaintenX, most of our service calls for backup generators happen in the summertime. Smart business owners are preparing for the summer stormy season, which includes preventative care on their backup power supply. In the event of an emergency, your backup generator can keep the doors of your business open to provide shelter and essential services in emergencies.  We like to do our part by offering backup generator maintenance services and advice in the spring before the bulk of hurricanes and nasty weather arrive. 


Below are our technicians’ top tips to ensure your backup generator is at peak performance this summer. While each generator model, size, and design is different, these tips should help you across the board along with a professional consultation from your MaintenX team: 


Check oil levels.

Just like the oil in your car needs to be replenished, your generator’s motor oil should be checked and replaced periodically. Because it does not run on a daily basis, this step is critical to ensure it is ready in emergencies. Be sure to also store some oil in case of emergencies. 


Test the battery. 

Dead or faulty batteries are one of the top reasons we receive emergency service calls on generators. Once a month you should test the battery to ensure it is fully charged and free of corrosion. A MaintenX technician can do this during your preventative maintenance checks to save time and ensure your facility’s safety in emergencies. 


Check fuel levels. 

Backup generators can run on gas, diesel, or propane. No matter what fuel type, you’ll want to check the piping for leaks as these can be dangerous. Check fuel levels and refuel as necessary so you always have a full tank. 


Change out used parts.

Backup generators have air filters, fuel filters, and spark plugs that all must be changed regularly for optimal performance. These minor parts can cause issues if they are not clean and changed regularly. Ask your MaintenX technician to check these at each visit. 


Schedule a test run each month. 

Most importantly, you should always check your backup generator unit for proper function. Some generator models will perform this test on their own, but others will need to be tested manually. By running your generator once a month, you can prevent generator emergencies when the power goes out. 


By following these five tips, you will be better prepared for the summer storms and any power emergency at your facility. To learn more about our backup generator maintenance services, call our offices today!

Tips for Efficient Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

In commercial kitchens, the refrigeration system is essential to daily operations. If a maintenance issue occurs, it is very likely that you’ll have to schedule overnight repairs or risk losing business the next day. Therefore, optimizing your maintenance schedule should be a top priority for facility managers to operate a restaurant, cafeteria, or other foodservice business. 


MaintenX specializes in refrigeration repair, and we’ve seen it all. From minor repairs to complete power loss, we’ve helped our customers overcome all sorts of disasters in the kitchen. Below are our top four tips for preventing refrigeration issues and optimizing efficiency:


Invest in a backup generator.

In the event of a power outage, your commercial refrigerator is out of luck. If you are storing days’ or weeks’ worth of perishable items, you cannot afford an outage to spoil it. Invest in a backup generator or UPS system to ensure you never lose money on spoiled food. 


Respect your refrigerator’s capacity limits.

It can be tempting to fit as much in one refrigeration system as possible, especially if you’re a struggling small business looking to save cash. However, by overloading your refrigerator, you’ll cause it to work harder to keep cool. This can lead to increased maintenance issues over time. You may even have to replace your refrigeration system early if you don’t take care of it and respect its limits. 


Clean it regularly.

Cleaning your refrigeration system is likely the most important maintenance task in a commercial kitchen. Removing spills, leftover food, and water will help prevent mold and mildew growth in the storage compartments and throughout the unit. 


Check air filters often. 

Grease and dust can accumulate in the air filters and cause ventilation problems in your kitchen. This reduces efficiency and can even be dangerous if not properly addressed. Ask your refrigeration technician to regularly clean air filters and ensure proper operation of other major components of your system. 


MaintenX offers refrigeration, HVAC, and other preventative maintenance services for commercial kitchens of all sizes. We specialize in the restaurant and foodservice industries and understand your unique demands. To learn more about our preventative care services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

The Importance of Proper Storm Drainage In Your Landscape Design

The summer season is fast approaching, which means that the rain isn’t far behind. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we experience heavy bouts of rain throughout the summer, which can cause unpredictable changes to the business. It can slow down sales, cause maintenance issues, and ruin beautiful landscaping easily. And, when the hurricane season starts in June, businesses must start prepping for the worst of the stormy season. 


We encourage comprehensive hurricane preparation at MaintenX. A part of this preparation is ensuring proper water drainage at your facility. Without well-maintained gutters, storm drains, and nearby swales, your facility could be in big trouble. 


Why Is Storm Drainage Important in Facility Maintenance?


During the rainy season, your landscaping and exterior of the building can be negatively affected without proper drainage. Clogged gutters will weigh down and put pressure on your roofing. A blocked drain will flood the surrounding area and cause damage to your landscaping and exterior walls. Without any drainage at all, you will likely experience mold and mildew damage in both the exterior and interior of your building. 


How To Design Better Storm Drainage 

You can implement a variety of design elements in your landscaping to ensure proper storm drainage at your facility. You should first schedule a gutter and drain cleaning for existing drainage spots to ensure you do not have any blockages or clogs that are causing damage. Next, look for areas where water tends to pool in storms. If there are low areas in your landscaping without drains, consider adding them or creating a swale. 


You should also treat any man-made structures for heavy rainfall in the summer. By installing waterproof roofing to older buildings or sealing outside surfaces, you can further protect your property from water damage. MaintenX offers these exterior maintenance services for an affordable price, so you never have to worry about water damage after a storm. 


To learn more about our emergency maintenance services and storm protection preventative care, contact your local MaintenX team today!

How To Help Protect Florida Wetlands At Your Commercial Facility

Florida’s wetlands are one of the most precious natural landscapes within the state. The mangrove swamps, marshes, and one-of-a-kind Everglades are responsible for a rich ecosystem that supplies residents with many benefits. Not only are these wildlife habitats incredible to visit, but they help to reduce carbon emissions, keep water sources clean, and reduce flooding on the mainlands. Without our wetlands, Florida would be a very different place. 


While the state has gone to great lengths to protect these lands, about half of the natural wetlands in Florida have been destroyed or altered permanently. This is largely due to commercial and residential real estate development. As the population grows, it slowly encroaches on the habitats that provide drinking water to the millions of permanent residents and visitors that Florida receives every year. 


Not only is this degradation of the wetlands detrimental to us, but it is slowly causing Florida’s native species to become endangered. Florida is home to dozens of threatened and endangered species. Most of these depend on the wetlands for habitat, food, or water access and are struggling to survive with the depleting habitat. If we are to save this landscape and protect its wildlife, then we must all act as a community to prevent further damage. 


Ways You Can Help

Businesses can do as much or more than individuals in the preservation of wetland habitats in Florida. Below are # ways you can contribute to wetland preservation in your daily operations: 


  • Treat your water properly – Much of the destruction of Florida’s wetlands is caused by water pollution. If the water is contaminated by man-made chemicals and pollution, it cannot sustain its complex wildlife ecosystem. By ensuring proper water disposal and treatment at your facility, you can help protect the greater environment around you.


  • Educate your employees and tenants – Impact starts at the individual level and grows upward. If your employees understand the impact of human development on the wetlands, they will be more motivated to act. By offering educational resources to tenants and staff in your building, you can yield greater results in recycling, carpooling, or other eco-friendly initiatives at your business. 


  • Donate – By donating to conservation projects, your business can make a direct impact on the preservation of precious wetlands. You can start a corporate fundraiser, or simply set aside some of your charitable giving funds for wetlands conservation programs. 


When we work together we can achieve great things. MaintenX is proud to be located in Florida, and we are dedicated to environmental sustainability in our services and programs. TO learn more about our eco-friendly maintenance options, contact us today!

Three of the Best Heat-Tolerant Plants for Commercial Facilities

MaintenX is headquartered in Florida, where lush tropical landscapes are abundant. Despite the beauty of the natural terrain in the area, many businesses have trouble keeping their man-made gardens and landscapes alive in the summer. The scorching heat can make it difficult to maintain a lush landscape, but with the help of an experienced landscaping and outdoor maintenance team, it is more than possible. 


Below are the top three flowers we recommend for summer landscaping. They are well-adapted to the summers of Florida and the southeast but can be planted in planters for all types of summer climates. Talk to your MaintenX team about outdoor maintenance of your landscaping using these flowers and shrubs. 



These colorful flowers are perfect for commercial landscaping because they are bright, low-maintenance, and heat resistant. They can handle full sun and take up plenty of space, making these flowering shrubs ideal for entrances or walkways. If you regularly trim them and provide plenty of water, there is no reason you can’t have colorful hibiscus through the summer. 


Vinca flowers

Vincas are native to sandy grasslands, which makes them perfect for coastal properties. They can withstand periods of drought in the summer but will also survive Florida’s rainy periods. These flowers come in different shades of pink, purple, and white, which add a vibrant and cheerful appearance to your front entrance. 



Pentas are commonly found in Florida residential areas because of their vibrant colors and easy maintenance. However, they can be added to commercial landscaping just as easily if you take care of these delicate flowers. They are native to Africa and can grow in Florida’s sandy soils. They are also heat-resistant and will grow all year round with proper care. Be sure to place these near the entrance of your building, because they are stunningly colorful and will immediately attract the eye. 


MaintenX can help you keep up with summer landscaping and maintenance. To learn more about our exterior maintenance services, contact us today!

Five Tips to Make Your Job As Facility Manager That Much Easier

The job of a facility manager is often underestimated. You might be seen as not much more than an office manager to those outside the industry. But facility maintenance is the unseen burden that keeps a business going. Without your hard work and dedication, the building would fall apart. However, just because you hold the weight of the building’s performance on your shoulders, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. 


MaintenX works with facility managers from all industries to ensure that proper maintenance can be made simpler. Below are our five tips to make your job easier by collaborating with our specialized maintenance teams: 


Start the day right. 

Begin every day onsite with a quick walkthrough of the premises. This doesn’t have to take long, but you want to make sure that you spot any maintenance issues as soon as they appear. The more frequently you check the premises for signs of damage and repairs, the less you’ll have to spend on reactive maintenance. 


Make a productive maintenance schedule. 

Scheduling preventative maintenance services should be routine by now, but you could be working your schedule even better if you retool it just a little. Have a sit-down with your MaintenX team to optimize your preventative maintenance routine. Once you have an ideal schedule, work to maintain it, and soon it will become routine. 


Budget for major projects in advance. 

A renovation project, equipment upgrade, or other significant maintenance repairs need to be scheduled in advance. You shouldn’t wait until the repair is necessary before you start planning for it. When you notice improvements that could be made to the building, get your budget approved early so you can take control of the project rather than the project taking control of you. 


Don’t pack your schedule. 

While we try our best to avoid them, emergency maintenance repairs will happen eventually. If you overbook your maintenance schedule, emergency service will throw off your entire game plan. Be sure to make space for potential emergencies. This will not only make it easier on your maintenance team but will also help you better budget your time and money. 


Choose the right maintenance contractor. 

A facility manager with a strong maintenance plan cannot achieve their goals without a top-notch maintenance crew. You want to choose your maintenance contractors carefully to ensure they are capable of your goals and will complete jobs on time and above expectations. When you choose MaintenX, you are picking from top contractors in your area who are available 24/7 for your emergency and preventative repairs. Don’t settle for less when you can choose the best in the country for your facility!


To learn more about our preventative and emergency maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team today. 

Four Common Commercial Floor Care Mistakes

Commercial flooring is designed to last for up to 20 years or more. However, because of the heavy foot traffic that commercial buildings experience, you will need to take care of your flooring to help it last that long. With a proper installation, maintenance, and cleaning schedule, you can help your flooring look better and last longer with little effort required. 


Below are the four most common mistakes we see facility managers make when it comes to their flooring maintenance: 


Choosing the wrong installation team. 

Installation is just as important as flooring care, but many facility owners make their choice based on price instead of experience. This sets you up for flooring damage in the future. While laying tile or carpet may not seem difficult if done wrong your floor may be uneven, easily damaged, or aesthetically unappealing. Choose a local MaintenX flooring contractor for results you can be proud of. 


Using the wrong cleaner for tile, vinyl, and hardwood. 

While many of us lump all hard flooring services into the same category, they cannot be cleaned in the same way. Vinyl, hardwood, and different types of tiles all require different cleaning chemicals for safe use. If you use a tile cleaner on hardwood you could damage the surface and leave lasting marks. If you use an acidic vinyl cleaner on tile, you could erode the surface. Be sure to ask your MaintenX flooring professionals for a list of safe cleaning products for your specific flooring type. 


Not shampooing your carpet.

Most commercial facilities have a janitorial service that will vacuum carpet and spot clean as needed. However, you also need to schedule carpet shampooing services in a commercial space. The carpet will develop an odor over time if this is not done on a regular basis, but many facility managers neglect this maintenance task. Talk to your MaintenX team to determine a carpet cleaning service schedule fit for your building’s needs. 


Mopping or spraying before you dust and sweep. 

Dusting, swapping, and mopping must be done in a specific order to prevent dirt from sticking to the floor or being rubbed into the grout or spaces of tile and hardwood. If you do them in the incorrect order, you’ll simply be dusting onto wet and dirty floors. This can work the dirt deeper into the floor, which will cause staining over time. Be sure to dust first, then sweep away major dirt and debris, and then mop or wax floors for a clean shine.


If you follow these four tips, it will be much easier to maintain your facility’s flooring for decades. Talk to a MaintenX specialist today to learn more about our flooring installation and maintenance services!