Are You In The Clear for Hurricane Season?

2021 has already had its share of significant hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane Ida wiped out much of New Orleans and surrounding areas, and there are others brewing in the Gulf, ready to make a path toward the mainland. Many MaintenX clients are calling to ask, “When will we be in the clear for hurricane season? And how do I prepare to minimize risk for my facility?”


What You Need to Know About The Hurricane Season

The 2021 hurricane season has been scary for many of us, and we won’t be in the clear for several months. However, there are ways to prepare to ensure your facility is less susceptible to damage and can open more quickly after a storm. 


  • Hurricane season isn’t over until November. While hurricanes are most active in late summer and early fall, you can expect them until November 30th every year. This means that you still need to be prepared for evacuations and emergency maintenance well into 2021. Don’t neglect your preventative care now, because we still have several months of stormy weather ahead. 


  • Expect a more active season. Most reports cite that 2021 will have above-normal hurricane activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific coastal regions.  This high activity is likely to continue into the late fall, so it’s best to review your hurricane preparation plan and ensure it is up-to-date before the end of the month. 
  • It’s important to secure any outdoor equipment before a storm. When preparing for a hurricane, the biggest danger is unsecured equipment and inventory outside. If you have an extensive outdoor showroom, equipment, or simply landscaping that includes furnishings, you need to secure these items indoors. This prevents them from flying around and damaging the interior or exterior of your building while hurricane-force winds are present. 


  • Don’t skimp on roofing maintenance services this time of year. Flying debris doesn’t just affect windows and landscaping during a hurricane. It most often damages or collapses roofing, especially if your property has trees surrounding it. Be diligent in your roofing maintenance this fall to prevent dead tree limbs or weak spots in your roofing from causing real damage to your facility. 


  • Make sure your employees have the resources to evacuate. Your building is important to protect, but your employees are even more important. Offer as many resources as possible — from transportation options to time off in advance — in order to help them evacuate before a major storm. As soon as an evacuation notice is in effect, you need to communicate your plan and put evacuations into effect for your staff. 


Hurricane season is scary, but preparation goes a long way toward protecting your assets and staff. To learn more about hurricane damage prevention, contact your local MaintenX team today. 


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