Areas that Should be Preparing for Hurricanes

Depending on where you live, your likelihood of being affected by hurricanes could be zero, but for those living in the southeast or on the east or gulf coasts, these awful storms are a stark reality.

What Areas are Affected?

A lot of people assume hurricanes only affect places like the Gulf of Mexico, but hurricanes can go as far north as Maine. In recent years, Americans in the Mid-Atlantic and New England have seen firsthand the devastation that hurricanes like Sandy cause. Katrina caused terrible damage, not only in Louisiana, but in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Michael ravaged the Florida panhandle, but caused damage as far inland as Georgia.

Vulnerable U.S. states include:


Virginia is quite a bit farther north than most states vulnerable to hurricanes. In fact, from 1851 until 2004, twelve hurricanes struck Virginia. One of those hurricanes was a Category 3—the most powerful and most damaging.

New York

Another northern state not normally known for its hurricane vulnerability, New York has been through a total of twelve hurricanes. Five of those were classified a Category 3. When New York City is struck with a hurricane, the damage can be staggering.

When Do They Occur?

The hurricane season is from June 1st and lasts until November 30th. August through September tends to have the most hurricanes. If you’re traveling or moving to a new locale, it’s a good idea to know where hurricanes are most likely to hit and prepare accordingly. To learn more about hurricane preparedness, contact MaintenX.