Bank of the West’s Renewable Energy Exhibitions

BNP Paribas has promised that it will invest $15 billion in renewable energy by the year 2020. BNP Paribas, parent company to Bank of the West, is celebrating its commitment to investing in Renewable Energy in a spectacular and unusual way by hosting a yearly renewable energy exhibition. The exhibition, which first launched in central London in January 2018, has a lot of features to look out for, including ICX’s ingenious new heating pump system.

ICAX uses a heat pump to reprocess the heat it creates back into the building in winter month without burning fossil fuels.

Also featured at the event is the Owen Square Community Energy Scheme which exhibits the decarbonization of heating in system which nixes the necessity for insulated ductwork.

The ICAX Energy Center:

  • moves electricity use from peak and off-peak energy hours to maximize efficiency while lowering costs
  • transfers heat into buildings in winter without using combustion and without emitting greenhouse gases
  • works in traditional spaces and with existing infrastructure already in place in most facilities

The BNP Paribas Group has said that it will no longer do business with any companies whose principal business activity is the exploration, production, or trading of oil or gas.

The BNP Paribus Group also promised that it will no longer finance any oil or gas exploration or projects in the Arctic.

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