Better Ventilation means Healthier Occupants

Ventilation is crucial for health and comfort. Good ventilation keeps air pollutants out and occupants safe. In addition, having peak ventilation and airflow in your home or facility can prevent unwanted odors. Proper airflow is continuous and uninterrupted. Anything blocking the ventilation systems of your building can potentially be bad news for your property and your health.

Odor Control

Irksome odors in a building can cause distress and affect the occupants’ concentration. Better ventilation removes unpleasant smells, excessive heat, smoke, and fumes—all while increasing the life of your HVAC system and cutting down HVAC costs by 15-30%.

Fresh Air

Proper ventilation brings in fresh air while cycling out stale air. By removing moisture and dust build-up, a good ventilation set-up continuously replaces the interior air with cool and fresh air from the outside, preventing odors, bacteria, and allergens from penetrating your environment.

Control Condensation

Condensation can bring mold and mildew, which can lead to health and even structural problems down the road—things you definitely don’t want. Damp conditions can create health issues like allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and worse to the occupants exposed to them. Good ventilation can reduce or eliminate these risks.

Whether you’re designing a new structure or improving the ventilation of an existing one, you will likely need the services of an experienced contractor. To learn more about proper ventilation, call MaintenX!