Your Business’s Maintenance Checklist for the Beginning of Fall

Fall is a particularly busy time of year for many facility managers because of the work to be done in recovering from the summer and preparing for the winter. It is a good idea to organize and develop a list of tasks that need to be accomplished before the season is over to ensure that important tasks aren’t accidentally omitted. These are things that should be done in addition to your normal preventative maintenance plan.

Your HVAC system runs hardest over the summer and winter, as those seasons involve temperature extremes, so you want to be sure it’s in great shape. Take the time to do a thorough inspection and cleaning of every component. It’s worth it; you never want to be surprised by a failure when you need HVAC most. This concept also applies to roofs, doors, and windows, as the seals on them may have taken extra damage from rain and winds over the summer.

To prepare for winter, it is a good idea to prune the business’ landscaping. Smaller plants and shrubbery should be either wrapped or tucked away, and mulch spread out to prevent the ground from drying. Obviously, raking the leaves and cleaning of gutters is advised as well.

When it comes to fall or any other season, we at MaintenX have you covered for all of your maintenance needs. Contact us anytime to learn more about the services we offer and how we can serve you today!