Can You Automate Preventative Maintenance?

Today there are plenty of preventive maintenance tasks which can be automated. These tools can run programs automatically—and at specific times. In fact, you can easy set up your system to perform a whole swath of maintenance activities.

Automation Decreases Wear and Tear

Overuse of equipment reduces its working life. That means overloaded equipment needs to be replaced sooner than if it had been properly serviced. There are many ways equipment overuse can happen. Workers might, for example, use their favorite machines instead of others – shortening the life of some pieces of equipment while abandoning others for long periods of time, which shortens to life of all equipment.

Scheduling Maintenance, Automatically

When should a particular asset be maintained? Automation lets you to tailor your needed maintenance activities to your facilities specific needs.


Drag-and-drop tools often found in maintenance software make allocating maintenance a breeze. But, did you know that these programs can also track your workforce’s Mean Daily Utilization Percentage and Maximum Daily Utilization Percentages? That’s right, you can see the specific output of individual workers with the click of a mouse. The Mean Daily Utilization Percentage helps you to understand the number of assigned work orders and their rate and speed of completion. The Max Daily Utilization Percentage, on the other hand, displays the number of hours scheduled maintenance hours on the busiest maintenance work days. By utilizing both of these factors, you will have the information you need to effectively maintain your facility for years to come.

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