Choosing Low-Maintenance Flowers for Your Commercial Landscaping

Summer is in full swing, which means that it’s time to start thinking about your landscaping. Customers and tenants will be spending more time outside, which means you’ll want your outdoor premises to look their best. However, landscaping upkeep is no easy task in the summer. If you want a low-maintenance landscape for your commercial building this summer, here’s what we recommend: 


Peonies – These durable plants will handle six or more hours of sun every day, making them ideal for summer planting. Plus, peonies smell wonderful when they bloom which instantly enhances the storefront. Peonies come in a range of colors and will grow in most states in the U.S. use them in flower beds with some afternoon shade and you’ll be delighted with what these flowers can do. 


Daylilies – Daylilies are very popular perennials because of their drought tolerance and ability to grow in both light shade and full sun. Despite being such a hardy and versatile plant, the delicate blooms on these flowers are absolutely stunning.  With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can use daylilies for all types of landscaping. 


Carex – Carex is not a flower, but a popular decorative grass that will grow in most landscaping conditions. It is non-invasive to most areas and is therefore easy to contain in smaller areas. There are many different color and size options for carex, so ask your MaintenX landscaping team for varieties that best suit your facility. 


Begonias – Begonias are a beautiful flower species that are often found in prized personal gardens as well as commercial landscaping. These delicate blooms can handle shade or sun and grow well in containers or in the ground. For a stunning burst of color in your commercial landscaping, begonias are a great choice. 


Coneflowers – Coneflowers are another colorful addition to your commercial storefront or garden space. These hardy flowers will survive from early spring until the first frosts and can handle the full sun well. Plus, coneflowers attract pollinators which will improve the health of your flowers overall. 


Feather Reed Grass – Feather reed grass is another popular ornamental grass that can grow up to six feet tall in the right conditions. It is drought and sun-tolerant and remains upright no matter how tall it gets. However, you can easily trim back this grass for smaller garden beds. 


By incorporating some of these low-maintenance plants into your commercial landscaping, you can instantly improve your curb appeal without increasing your landscaping budget. To learn more about summer landscaping for commercial facilities, contact your local MaintenX team today for tips!

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