Co-working Spaces Trending Upwards

Coworking spaces have increased in popularity over the past decade. Below we’ll explore the factors involved with this trend and its effects of the modern workplace.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Modern offices have become a lot more open in recent years, but they’ve also been getting a lot greener—both in an environmentally conscious sense and a literal sense. It turns out that being surrounded by trees, plants, moss, and flowers perks up employees and increases morale and productivity. Artificial waterfalls, stones, sand, and anything else that replicates nature is also increasingly seen in offices around the world.


Another developing trend is that facility managers and property renters are increasingly using automation and software in their structures. Coded key cards, facility management software, automated booking systems, employee attendance trackers, and self-regulating smart building AI solutions have all become players in offices, facilities, and factories. As these emerging technologies progress, we are likely to see even more innovation in the field of self-regulating systems and artificial intelligence.

The Loneliness Problem

Recently, remote workers have been on the rise. And many have increasingly had the same complaint: they feel lonely, because they do their work alone. That’s why spaces have been popping up across the country to address this problem. Businesses now host open areas where freelancers, artists, and digital nomads can work together, form personal and professional bonds, and beat the blues that remote working is notorious for inducing.

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