Common HVAC Issues

While many HVAC problems can be prevented by cleaning coils and replacing filters on a regular basis, common HVAC problems can become a lot worse if not serviced when the warning signs present themselves. Below are some common HVAC problems and tips for keeping your air conditioning system working year-round.

Lack of Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance by a licensed service contractor like MaintenX is a MUST if you want to keep your HVAC system at top performance. Protect your investment. If you fail to perform regular maintenance, you’re likely to run into some costly repairs down the road, increased energy costs, and poor system performance—not to mention the headache when you see the repair bill!

Dirty Filters

Replacing your filters regularly is one of the best things you can do to ensure a long and efficient life for your HVAC system. When your filters are dirty, this restricts airflow in the system, causing your unit to work harder—and more expensively—to circulate the air through your system. This strains your unit and will eventually cause comfort problems, as well. A dirty filter can also cause your HVAC unit to overheat and shut off intermittently.

By understanding where problems arise in your HVAC system, you can now take more preemptive actions to safeguard your air conditioning system and avoid costly repairs before they’re needed. Being proactive about your HVAC system’s needs can maximize efficiency and lower your energy costs.

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