Comprehensive Commercial Electrical Services

Over the last 40 years, the MaintenX Electrical Team has provided comprehensive commercial electrical services to our clients across the medical, restaurant, industrial, and retail industries. Whether it’s a routine inspection or an emergency, our team of commercial electrical experts is never more than a phone call or email away.

If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency, please call us now at 855-751-0075.

In addition to our 24/7 emergency electrical services, the MaintenX Electrical Division is happy to assist with your next remodel or building expansion project. From developing the scope of work to permits to installing electrical fixtures, our electrical experts are ready for your next commercial electrical project or upgrade.

Commercial Electrical Services for Your Business

Our dedicated team has worked with hundreds of small, large, and Fortune 500 companies to handle their emergency electrical needs and various electrical services.

Electrical Repairs & Installations
Even with typical usage, the components of your power management system will eventually require repairs, adjustments, or possibly even replacement. So whether you’re having problems with switches & outlets, and sub-panels or need to add additional circuits for an expansion or remodel, our team of electrical experts is standing by.

Lighting and power supply replacements
While most commercial locations rely on fluorescent and LED lighting for the office or retail space, MaintenX can also provide specialized lighting fixtures for medical, dental, and industrial applications.
• Vapor-tight fixtures for wet or dusty environments
• High and low bay light fixtures
• Explosion-proof light fixtures
• Warehouse and loading dock light fixtures
• Surgery and operating room light fixtures
And our team of power supply experts can also handle power supply problems with your existing system of transformers and converters. And if you require a specialized power supply system, such as.
• Programmable power supply
• Uninterruptible power supply
• High-voltage power supply
• Bipolar power supply
Our team of experts can answer all your questions and provide a superior upgrade or installation for your business.

LED upgrades
As a business owner looking to reduce operating costs, it’s hard to beat the monthly savings that LED light fixtures can provide. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights don’t produce the same heat output as incandescent, fluorescent, or mercury vapor options. And with an average life cycle of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, LED lights will last up to 14 years for office or retail locations and nearly 6 years for hospitals or warehouses that operate 24/7.

Additionally, many utility companies provide rebates for energy-efficient upgrades, such as LED light fixtures.

Emergency lighting
Emergency lighting typically refers to the battery-pack fixtures that turn on when the main power supply is lost. Typically, they are positioned at workstations, equipment locations, and along the egress path towards the exits to allow workers to stop work safely and evacuate the building.
The beauty of these lights is that once installed, they automatically charge the battery whenever the light is on. And once they sense the main power is lost, they automatically switch to battery power until power is restored.

Critical outlets
Critical outlets and backup generators provide an essential safety net when the main power supply goes down for companies in the medical or data center industries. Sometimes called uninterruptible outlets, your servers and medical equipment remain functional while printers, office lighting, and HVAC systems shut down.

Building code requirements can vary slightly from one local area to another, but all critical outlets must meet Article 517 of the NEC.

Emergency generator installation and inspection
Preparing for the next significant power outage is easy with some help from the MaintenX team. After a review of your business needs for emergency power, we can assemble and store your emergency generators off-site. Then, before the big storm hits, our team will transport and distribute them across the property.

After the storm has passed and the power grid returns online, we’ll collect the generators and return them to storage after a thorough inspection.

Standby prime generator installation and inspection
Unlike the portable emergency generator, a standby prime generator installs permanently on the property. According to the NEC, four distinct types of standby generator classes exist.

Emergency systems are a legal requirement for providers whose operations are vital for human life safety, such as hospitals and medical providers. NEC Article 700.

Legally required standby systems are legally required by code and covers systems whose failure could create hazards for first responders. NEC Article 701.

Optional standby systems are not required by code but can be used to protect business systems from economic losses. NEC Article 702.

Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS) became part of the code in 2008 due to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. If the incapacitation or destruction of your location would disrupt national security, the economy, or public health, then NEC Article 708 applies to your business.

From design and installation to periodic inspections and maintenance, the MaintenX team will keep your standby generator operating at peak performance.

All ADA required electrical compliance
Since 1990, all electrical switches and outlet heights have become standardized to provide uniform accessibility for people with disabilities. As pre-1990 buildings get remodeled, most jurisdictions require the work and sometimes adjoining areas to be brought to the current ADA requirements.
The MaintenX Electrical Team is ready to answer all your electrical service questions.

You can call us at 855-751-0075, or send us an email to get started with a quote for your next electrical maintenance needs or services.

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