Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Services

With over 40 years of commercial plumbing expertise, our clients in the industrial, retail, medical, and restaurant industries know they can count on the MaintenX plumbing team to answer their plumbing emergencies day or night.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, please call us now at 855-751-0075.

In addition to our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, the MaintenX Plumbing Division can also assist with your next remodel or building expansion project. From developing the scope of work, to permits, to installing plumbing fixtures, our plumbing professionals are ready for your next commercial plumbing project or upgrade.

Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Services

To date, our dedicated team has worked with hundreds of small, large, and Fortune 500 companies to handle not only their emergency plumbing needs but a variety of plumbing services including.

Drain cleaning
Slow drains are the telltale sign of dirt and debris accumulating inside your pipes to restrict water moving toward the sewer or septic system. Whether your building uses clay, cast iron, ABS, or PVC piping, we have the proper tools and experience to quickly clear your drains.

Sewer and utility location
Most cities and county governments require that all underground utilities be identified no less than two full business days before beginning any excavation or demolition project.

Hydro-Jetting drain lines
While not recommended for fragile piping systems, our 7500 psi hydro-jet cleaner can quickly clear most clogs, debris, tree roots, and grease build-up from your drain lines.

Lift Stations
Are used extensively to move wastewater and sewage from a lower to a higher elevation as it travels to the treatment facility. The MaintenX team can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of an existing or new lift station. With proper maintenance, most effluent (or lift) pumps can last between 10-15 years.

Tankless water heaters
Looking to reduce your utility bills? MaintenX specializes in tankless water heaters (Navien 240 and Rinnai A replacements) that use the same amount of energy as a light bulb. With proper maintenance and servicing, these tankless water heaters can last 20-25 years.

Backflow Certified
There are over 7.15 million reported cases of waterborne illnesses in the US each year, and most could be prevented through proper backflow maintenance procedures. Our backflow-certified team members can install, inspect, adjust, or repair your backflow-preventer components and assemblies.

Commercial re-pipe projects
If you’re experiencing leaks, water discoloration, strange odor/taste, or a lack of water pressure, it may be time to re-pipe your building’s plumbing system. Our dedicated team will quickly identify and replace the supply and drain lines throughout your location.

Overhead irrigation systems
Water expands when frozen, potentially damaging the pipes, joints, fittings, and valves of your irrigation system. That’s why in addition to maintenance and repairs, we also provide winterization services for overhead irrigation systems.

Video camera inspections
Depending on the type of pipe, we utilize flexible push camera systems including endoscopes and borescopes to quickly locate the roots, debris, corrosion, and cracks/leaks affecting your system.

Single-flush, dual-flush, power-assisted flush, and now high-efficiency toilets (HETs), too. Whether you’re updating to add some design or interest to the bathroom or to meet current 1.6 GPF (Gallons Per Flush) guidelines, we’re ready to answer any questions you might have.

Sinks and faucets
From the bathroom to the kitchen, or for specific industrial uses, we can supply, install, and service a wide variety of materials, finishes, and sizes to meet your specific sink and faucet needs. And yes, we can help you select the best low-flow faucet to save up to 700 gallons each year.

Hose bibs
Trust MaintenX to handle your hose bib draining and weatherization services.

During the winter, water not purged from the hose bib could freeze and expand, causing pipes to crack, leak or burst.

Electronic leak detection
Because water likes to travel, the water stain you see is typically not an indication of where a leak is located. Using an ultrasonic detector to measure different sound frequencies of water, we can quickly find the cause of the leak and repair it.

ADA compliance requirements
ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act which includes specific requirements (handicap access, grab bars, open sink vanities) for public restrooms within a business location. Our ADA compliance experts are ready to answer all your questions.

Preventative maintenance plans
One of the simplest ways to minimize unexpected plumbing repairs is with a preventative maintenance plan designed around your business model or industry. Regular cleaning and service will keep all your pipes, drains, and fixtures operating at maximum performance.

To learn more about our commercial plumbing services, or to discuss a new project with our team of plumbing experts, please send us an email!

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