Cost of Rewiring an Older Building

If you own or rent an older building, the idea has likely been thrown out a few times to rewire it entirely. Typically, older wiring is not as reliable, energy-efficient, or even up to modern codes. However, the process of replacing electrical wires is a lengthy one, with major expenses involved. If you’re thinking about biting the bullet and rewiring your entire facility, here is what you need to know first: 


How much will it cost? 

On average, the cost to rewire a building ranges from $4 to $10 per linear foot, plus the cost of cables, panels, and other replacement parts that need to be installed. The actual estimate will depend on a variety of factors including: 


  • Soiree footage of the facility
  • The function of the facility and electrical needs for each room
  • Number of fixtures 


Costs may go up or down depending on the complexity of the wiring to be replaced, as well as the urgency of the service and if special electrical needs must be met. TO receive a more accurate estimate, contact your MaintenX electrician. 


How long will it take? 


The length of service again depends on the size and complexity of the job, but you can expect service to take several weeks if you are rewiring the entire facility. Rewiring a single room or a set number of outlets may only take a few days, but commercial facilities typically take longer than residential jobs. 


Does my facility need to be rewired? 


If your facility is not up to code, it doesn’t hurt to rewire it even if it is not required to ensure your electrical system can handle modern machinery. However, you’ll notice other signs that your system needs to be rewired, such as: 


  • Discoloration around wall outlets
  • Circuit breakers trip often
  • Lights flicker
  • Outlets are loose
  • You experience a small electrical shock when plugging something in
  • You’re using extension cords on almost every outlet
  • You hear a sizzling or cracking noise near outlets (this is a sign emergent repairs are needed)


MaintenX specializes in electrical rework and repairs for commercial buildings. To learn more about how you can save money and time on electrical remodels, call your local MaintenX today!

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