Developing Your 2021 Emergency Maintenance Plan

Part of being a good facility manager means having an emergency plan at the ready should the worst happen to your facility. Although not all circumstances are predictable, if you have the basis for what to do in an emergency situation, such as vital equipment failure, facility system downtime, and natural disasters, you and everyone in the facility will be in a much better way. As the year goes on, it is always a good idea to tune the plan that you have and develop your 2021 emergency maintenance plan today.


Preparing for equipment and system failures


Even with the best maintenance, emergencies can still happen. Have a plan ready for when equipment breaks down unexpectedly. In preparing for such an occasion, it is a good idea to have a repair technician on standby, or work with a company that can be on site on a moment’s notice. It is also important to prepare your business workflows for interruptions and have contingency plans for if equipment is offline, especially until repairs are completed. 


Preparing for natural disasters


Depending on where in the country your facility is located, there are a number of natural disasters that could impact the operations of your facility. Whether it is a hurricane, which brings the risk of a power outage and flooding, earthquake, which could damage vital equipment, or fire, which could cause incredible damage to the entire facility, having a plan in place now will help you mitigate damages and recover from them. In general, backup generators, surge protectors, wind resistant windows and exteriors, and other relevant components are all worth researching and investing in.


Developing an emergency maintenance plan will save you cost and angst in the long term, so it is essential to come up with one now. If you need an expert maintenance team to help you fulfill your emergency plan, we at MaintenX are the right team for the job. To learn more about our facility maintenance services, including emergency repairs and preventative maintenance plans, please call us today at (855) 751-0075.

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